Tasuke Fujigaya, a friend of 10 years’ old, and His first co-star “Gachi Friend” and “Wonder”

Tasuke Fujigaya of Kis-My-Ft2 performed his first media performance with a friend of 10 years on the 23rd radio program “Fujigaya Taisuke Peaceful Days” which aired on 23 Rd. 22:30-23:00 every Saturday.


Fujigaya was eager to co-star with Apple on the show, which aired in October last year. To Apple, who was at home, she said, “It’s been a while! How are you doing? When I called him, Apple showed off his imitation of Tetsuya Takeda and said, “This is your first time. It’s very strange because i always feel like i’m calling Ai-chan.” Fujigaya also said, “That’s right. Just before Kis-My-Ft2 debuted. It’s strange to be talking to a friend at that time. Tomo Gachi, who is appearing on the radio, said that this was her first time to perform on the radio.

Apple, who has had a big break since last year, said, “I’ve been messing around all the time and i’m not at home.” Fujigaya said, “When I met you, they told me, ‘I’m going to be on a show like this,’ and I was like, “I’ve seen it!” I’ve been in touch with you, but I’ve become so busy that I can’t see him. I can’t go at all while saying ,’Let’s go to dinner’. He said, “Let’s go to Disneyland, too.” There is also a scene where you can talk privately, which is like a scam to go, and you can see how good you are.

In addition, Apple-chan said, “I’ve been pretty rattled up until now, and i’ve been not getting off the new thing, but it’s springing out now,” and at the end, tetsuro Dekawa and Matsuko Deluxe showed off their imitations. Fujigaya said, “The quality is amazing!” He burst into a laugh and said, “I really want you to come to the studio. Let’s talk slowly in the studio next time. I’m sorry, but suddenly. Thank you,” he said, ending his first co-star with Apple, sending a love call.