“The heart is painful because of sadness” by the difficulty breathing lost the doubt and the doubt

The 19th nhk drama “Kirin Come” starring Hiromi Hasegawa was broadcast on 24th, and the scene in which his mother, Mimae Tsuchida, and Hisai Dani, who died in the room of Oda Nobunaga, Shota, were pictured in tears.

Nobunaga Oda, played by Shota Someya, and Rei Dan, Played by Mita Tsuchida

“When I saw the deadly shinkatsu, I couldn’t understand what had happened in my head. As a mother living in the world of warring states, it is common for me to fight with relatives, so I was worried that I might suddenly lose my child, but when I saw the sight of Shinkatsu, I just couldn’t stop crying.”

“It was a painful scene because i was so sad that I lost the confidence that I had cherished, and at the time of the performance, I was so bitter that I couldn’t breathe along the way. It was out of my calculations to have difficulty breathing, but as before Tsuchida, I had faith in my heart and i grew up with great care, so I felt as if I had lost my half-body.”

Then, he approached Nobunaga and touched his cheek with both hands, and broke down in tears, saying, “I killed my mother too.” Dan said, “I proposed to the director that i would touch my cheeks,” and said, “Nobunaga is my own child, but I wanted to recognize that I was the one who gave birth to Nobunaga, who is a different person who would kill his brother. I wish i could make a difference between touching shinkatsu, which I love dearly, and touching nobunagas with anger, hatred, and sadness.”

He added, “I hope that not only anger and sadness but also the complexity of this parent and child by touching it, why such a child was born in front of Tsuchida, and why it was not possible to raise it like a confidence victory properly. This scene is also a scene of decisive insulation between Tsuchida Mimae and Nobunaga, so i played it so that the viewer would think that this parent and child was no longer good.”

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