The influence of the Corona Virus on literary works featured one after another by literary magazines

Literary magazine featured one after another The influence of the Corona Virus in literary works May 24 6:18

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, literary magazines have featured in the latest issue, publishing novels on the stage of a society where infection swells. The editor points out that there is a possibility that more works as new literature will increase in the future.
In the June issue of “Shincho”, which was released this month, a special feature called “Expression sonaevil era” is organized, and anew work has been announced by Akutagawa Prize-winning artistHitomi Kanahara and Mr. Yui Konoike.

Kanahara’s “Unsocial Distance” depicts young men and women with lovers struggling to get out of their lives in the face of changes and constraints caused by the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

In the summer issue of “Bungei”, which was released last month by Kawade Shobo Shinsha, six writers wrote an essay titled “How Asian Writers Deal with the Corona Virus Evil,” and mr. Yanrenshin, one of China’s leading social artists, describes his struggles over the role of literature in the midst of widespread unrest around the world.

Yoko Sakagami, editor-in-chief of Bungei, said, “Just as literature after the Great East Japan Earthquake appeared, new literature was born in that era. I have the impression that more works will increase in the future.”

In the June issue of Kodansha’s “Group Image,” German writer Yoko Tawada introduces the situation in Europe in a telephone interview, and explains the need for Kohei Saito, an economic philosophy researcher, to grasp the critical situation brought about by the spread of infectious infections as a structural problem in modern society.