The region of the declaration release is a Corona Virus everyday while taking precautions

The region of the declaration release is taken precautions, but the daily life is Corona Virus May 24 at 12:29

In the area where the state of emergency was lifted on Sunday, daily life is returning, such as the entrance ceremony being held while taking measures to prevent infection.

Elementary and junior high schools in Yamanashi finally entrance ceremony

In areas where emergency declarations have been lifted, there is a widespread movement to reopen schools. In Yamanashi Prefecture, the entrance ceremony was held at elementary and junior high schools in the city and the town.

Of these, at Tatomi Elementary School in Chuo City, Yamanashi Prefecture, more than 50 new first-year students went to school with their parents in masks, and they reported the results of morning temperature inspections and disinfected them.

At the entrance ceremony held in the gymnasium, children and parents arrived at the seats held one meter at a time to prevent infection.

At the ceremony, the homeroom teacher read out the children’s names one by one, and the children responded cheerfully. Principal Minoru Fujimaki said, “I’m very happy to meet you all. Please come to school energetically every day.”

On the day of the event, the students and the guests stopped attending, and they did not perform school songs or celebrated performances.

The new grade girl said, “I want to do my best in math at school. I want to make 10 friends.” The girl’s mother said, “I was worried that it would be postponed many times, but I’m glad to have the entrance ceremony safely. I want them to have a safe, healthy and enjoyable school life.”

At Hieiyama Enryakuji Temple, a World Heritage Site, Otsu

Hieiyama Enryakuji Temple in Otsu City, a World Heritage Site that had been canceled since last month due to the effects of the new coronavirus, has resumed viewing.

Tendai Sect’s Sohonyama and Enryakuji temple sat down last month due to the new coronavirus, but resumed their visits on The 24th after the declaration of a state of emergency was lifted throughout The Kansai Area.

In the temple, disinfectant was placed in the place where the visitor was paid, and the tape of the mark to arrange it for the visitor to line up at intervals, and the sheet to prevent the splash was installed, and the measures of the infection prevention were done.

Visitors were wearing masks and strolling around the precincts, and holding hands with the bells set up in the precincts. A man from Shiga Prefecture, who visited with his husband, said, “I was in a situation where I couldn’t get carried away, but I heard that it would resume today.”

The head of the Imadegawa Commandments of Hieiyama Enryakuji temple said, “It is still a situation where we cannot foresee, but I would like you to pray while maintaining a distance so that it leads to peace of mind.”

At the Aquarium of Tourist Attractions Kochi

Kochi City’s tourist attraction, Katsurahama Aquarium, has been reopening since the middle of this month after taking measures to prevent the new coronavirus infection, and parents and children are gradually regaining the bustle on the 24th of the holiday.

The Katsurahama Aquarium in Kochi City was closed last month due to the new coronavirus, but it was closed earlier this month due to the cancellation of a request to refrain from going out, due to the fact that no new infected persons were confirmed in the prefecture.

According to the aquarium, visitors on the weekend after the reopening, although it has not yet recovered in full scale with the level of the year, it is gradually returning, and the day of the event, such as the parents and children, visited, and the appearance of the penguin’s food was seen.

In order to reopen, the aquarium has taken measures to prevent infection measures, such as disinfecting water tanks and railings every hour, and installing disinfectants in the building, and then canceling animal shows to prevent crowding of people.

A man from Kochi city who visited with his children said, “My four-year-old daughter seemed to be under the stress of not being able to go out, and i’m very happy.”

Mori Kaori of Katsurahama Aquarium said, “It may not be a feeling to go out quite quickly, but we have thorough measures, so I hope that you will come with peace of mind and heal your self-imposed fatigue.”

The movie fans who have been waiting for… Fukuoka

At the movie theater in Fukuoka City, where business resumed, the people who waited for the first Sunday enjoyed the movie while various infection measures were taken.

KbC Cinema, located in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, reopened on The 22nd and celebrated its first Sunday on the 24th. Movie goers who were looking forward to the reopening of the movie, which was the first time in about a month and a half, gathered in the morning to enjoy the movie on screen.

In addition to the condition swearing of masks, the air conditioner is strongly ventilated during the screening. In addition, the seat is divided by one seat between the front, back, left, and right, and the number of visitors is reduced in half. The visitor said, “I enjoyed it at home during the holidays, but it’s good to see it on the screen of the movie theater.”

Takako Miyasada, manager of KBC Cinema, said, “We are relieved to be able to reopen. We reaffirmed the joy of delivering movies to our customers during the holidays. I want them to enjoy the movie while taking measures against infection.”

A college student in an apple garden… Aomori

Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture, japan’s largest apple producer, has begun efforts to get college students in financial needs to work for apple farmers, who are struggling under labor due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

Hirosaki City is subsidizing up to 3,000 yen per diem paid by farmers to college students and other university students who are self-imposed due to the new coronavirus, as well as apple farmers who are suffering from labor shortages.

On The 24th, at Mr. Norio Yamashita’s apple garden in Ozawa, Hirosaki City, six students from Hirosaki University worked to pick out some of the flowers needed to grow apple fruit.

The participating students were taught how to pick flowers from the farmhouse, and they were working hand in hand.

The female student, who is in the first grade, said, “I am grateful to be able to work while there are few job-seeking jobs. It’s a valuable experience to be able to work on the production site.”

Mr. Yamashita, an apple farmer, said, “I was very helpful because I was in trouble because of the labor shortage. I want them to work until the harvest time because they are serious about their work.”