This week’s new book ” Yuru Yuri” “Ureuchi Brother”, “Tokusa…

This week’s new book tells you about the new comics. About 270 major comics will be released on May 25-30. The anime is also popular[Yuru Yuri]18 volumes of the normal version and the special edition with the booklet drawn by the author Namori, tv animation has been decided “Urerich o brother” 5 volumes, “Tokusatsugaga” 19 volumes that brought down the curtain on the series of about five and a half years in May appeared.
 May 25, “Clean and soft”, “You know so much”, and so on, “two times a day” of Aya Iokuemi’s new work “Two times a day”, “Hal x Kiyo” Of Ozakikira’s new work “My Brother Is Sorry” 1 volume, drama also became a hot topic “the story to read on the day of first love” 11 volumes, love comedy ” The dress-up doll falls in love” the regular version of volume 5 and a special edition with cosplay mini photo collection of popular cosplay player Momoe Iori will be released.
 On May 26th, “Everyone chooses!! “Villagers of LV999”, which won the grand prize at the Electronic Comic Seaward 2019, was dramatized in “Hey Teacher, Do you don’t know? Volume 3, spin-off of the popular game “Fate/stay night”[Fate / kaleid liner Prisma Ilya Dry!! 11 volumes and the like come out.
 On May 27th, in addition to volume 18 of “Yuruyuri”, the drama is also a hot topic of “Likes” Mr. Light Source” 4 volumes, tv anime “Seiko-kun” 13 volumes, yamato Yuka’s four-frame “Sparrow’s Hotel” 9 volumes and other features appeared.
 On May 29, in addition to volume 5, “Tokusatsugaga”, “Tokusagaga” 19 volumes, 33 volumes of “Asahinagu” that was made into a live-action movie, 67 volumes of “Song of The Earth Dragon”, 62 volumes of dramatized “Twilight Meteor Shower”, animated “PEACE MAKER Steel” 17 volumes and video-generated works will be released one after another.
 In addition, “The Song of The Doryu” Takahashi Noboru’s “Liu Kuni” 7 volumes, “Lion of March” spin-off of Chika Hataino “March Lion Showa Different Listen ing Scorching Age” 10 volumes, Yugo Ishikawa “BABEL” 6 volumes known for “Martial Arts and Takeryu”, “Azuma”, “Country of The Dashing”, “Song of The Song of The Moon”, “The Song of The Moon”, “Nabekura’s Shogi”, “The Game of The Moon”, “The Game of The Moon”, “The Moon Of The Moon”, “The Moon”, “The Moon”, “The Moon”, “The Lion of March”, “The Age of The Moon”, “The Moon’ “The Age of The Moon”, “The Moon’s Lion In March”, “The Age of The Burning”, and “The Kingdom of The World”, such as Yusuke Koyama,”The Country of The Song”, nabekura’s shogi” 6 volumes, the spring of “The Shogi of The Reborn” Afro Tanaka]new series of “Marriage Afro Tanaka” vol.7, “Kaiji” series, such as Nobuyuki Fukumoto ‘New Kurosawa Strongest Legend’ 18 volumes, go Nagai’s masterpiece manga “Devil Man” new work[Devil Man Saga]13 volumes, “Everyone chooses!! “Keeping demons”, “Keeping demons”, “Tentai”, “Tentai”, and “Fishing Idiot Journal”, which were selected for the Men’s Category Award at the Electronic Comic Grand Prix, are on the shelves.
 *The release date is subject to change due to delivery.