“To The First Year of Professional Baseball” Letter from Seibu Scout to Rookies

◆”To The First Year of Professional Baseball” Final Episode : Tetsu Miyagawa

From the scout in charge of Seibu to this year’s rookie of the year, “To the first year of professional baseball”.

For each scout, the players are like my children. As the spread of the new coronavirus infection continued to allow direct dialogue, the scouts in charge of each of them tried to spell out the thoughts they wanted to convey to the players.

This will be the final installment, from The Takeshita Jun Development Amateur Department to Tetsumiyagawa, who was nominated in the first place in the draft, to Tokai Daiyamagata High School, Kamitake Dai- Toshiba. To rookie who spends the beginning of the first year of the pro in corona evil, the desire to tell now is

◆ From Jun Takeshita Scout to Tetsu Miyagawa

To Tetsu

How are you?
And are you self-imposed? (laughs)

When i saw the starting line-up in the tournament,
What kind of practice do Tetsu do?
I wanted to know what kind of personality i was.
I remember going to the ground.

Tetsu has the ability to pitch out in the first place,
The ball has power, and the accuracy of the change ball is high,
Even in short innings, he can show explosive power.
I think so, so Tetsu broke into the Lions’ starting line-up and
I want you to be the pitcher who will play a part in this.

At last year’s draft meeting,
When Tetsu’s nomination overlaps with the Giants,
“Somehow, i’ll take it on you.”
In the waiting room where our scouts are waiting
I miss staring at TV.
That’s why I was really happy with the moment that Tsuji was able to attract.

There’s a seemingly difficult point to talk to, but
The core is running and it doesn’t move.
Friendly and natural,
I’m not too worried about the type of tetsu that i like,
This is an opportunity. I have something to tell you.

I want you to think about what you can do still.
Of course, the practice is older in the dormitory.
High school graduates and rookies close to it
You may be worried about it now.
Tetsu, who has spent a severe environment from high school to working people,
They’re not the same rookies.
You know how to spend your time in a long dormitory.
A little bit of “adult” Tetsu,
Get rid of their fears.

I’m a little late, but I’m relieved to be able to make it to the start.
For the alma mater and the director who raised it for local parents,
Tetsu, the light of Lions’ hope,
to brighten up the world
I want him to be such a dynamic pitcher.

Jun Takeshita, Amateur In charge of Saitama Seibu Lions Development (13th year/ District: Kanto)
☆ Main players in charge: 2018 Saito General Pitcher

◆ Tetsu Miyagawa Comments

Yesterday’s menu was
Backing up defensive practice for up-catching and infield
It was pitching pitcher goro catching ball, weight net throw.

Pitching enters the bullpen and pitches.
I was late because of my injury.
The self-imposed practice period was a chance for me.
I’d like to do my best to become the first team to start.

I read a letter from Mr. Takeshita.
I have to do my best to live up to my expectations.
And i was tightened my mind again.

I’m a pretty good acquaintance,
Mr. Takeshita is very friendly and easy to talk to.
I remember talking a lot from the time we first met.

You’ve been cared for since the draft meeting is over.
Even at the time of the Nango spring camp from the rookie joint voluntary training,
They looked at the form and played catch.

I often throw far to make sure I feel the ball.
“If you throw, always tell me! And
Thank you for always caring.

During the voluntary practice period, i saw the video that was pitched by the seat blow,
Takeshita-san talks about his life other than baseball.

During this year’s camp, There was a time when I was in a hurry.
When you ask me to take myself with me,
I remember feeling calm.

I’m always spoiled,
To be able to give back firmly.
I want to cherish every day.