Tokyo Metropolitan High School, etc., final adjustment in the direction of the reopening of the day next month Tokyo Board of Education Corona Virus

Final adjustment in the direction of reopening next month, such as Tokyo Metropolitan High School Corona Virus May 24 21:22

After the declaration of emergency was lifted on The 25th, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education is making final adjustments in the direction of resuming metropolitan high schools from next month. After the resumption, we would like to first conduct a distributed school that limits the school days, and move to a full resumption while trying to prevent the spread of infection.
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, tokyo metropolitan high schools, junior high and high school integrated education schools, and special needs schools have been closed since March 2, and the period of school closures has been extended until 31 this month under the declaration of an emergency.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education has made final adjustments to the final adjustment in the direction of reopening from next month after the declaration has been lifted on the day of the declaration, and after preparing for the school date by the end of this month.

In the case of Tokyo Metropolitan High School, we set up a school day of about one day a week, and the number of students who go to school for half a day is reduced to about one-third of the school hours, thereby preventing the spread of infection.

After that, we would like to gradually increase the number of students and school days, while securing learning opportunities in parallel with online learning, and moving to a full resumption.

On the other hand, we have communicated these initiatives to the board of education of the municipalities that control elementary and junior high schools, and have them make decisions based on the situation in their respective regions.