Tomica Kizuna Coalescence Earth Gruna- Uchida Yuma is a bear cat Kakel, gaograna…

On May 24, it was found that Yuma Uchida will appear as a voice actor in the TV animation “Tomica Kizuna Union Earth Grunner” based on Takara Tomica’s minicar brand “Tomica”. Yuma Uchida plays a character called Kumacat Kakel. It was also announced that Akihiro Tajima will appear as a voice actor in the role of Gaog Runner Saber.
 ”Tomica Kizuna Union Earth Grunner” depicts a mysterious enemy, a dark spinner, emerging from space, aiming at earth’s transforming energy, and the twin driving liga and kuuga stand up to stave off the dark spinner’s ambitions. It is broadcasting every Sunday at half past midnight on TV Osaka and TV Tokyo. YouTube’s Takara Tomy Channel, TVer- TeaBar, will deliver the first and eighth episodes free of charge from 10 a.m. to 10 a.m. on June 7.
 ◇Cast (abbreviated title)
 Driving Raiga- Ishigami Shizuka – Drive Kuuga – Sakurai Haruna , Gaog runner Leo : Hino Yama Shuyuki , Gaogrunner Eagle : Hino Satoshi , Mach- Fukuyama Jun , Kumacat Kakel Uchida Yuma , Gaogrunner Saber ]Tajima Shohiro