Tomorrow’s release of the declaration or preparation in various places In Hakone cleaning that legion…

Tomorrow’s release of the declaration or preparation in various places In Hakone cleaning that legion… May 24 at 16:16

Hakone- cho, one of kanagawa prefecture’s leading tourist destinations, conducted cleaning activities such as information stations where locals welcome tourists in anticipation of the lifting of the emergency declaration.

About 20 people participated in the cleaning activities, including the manager of a closed hotel belonging to a local chamber of commerce and industry in Hakone, and the owner of a restaurant.

We prepared to weed the parking lot at the tourist office, clean the toilets, and cut the branches of trees along the national highway to welcome tourists.

In hakone-cho’s tourist facilities and restaurants, we are working to prevent infection, such as expanding the space between seats and thoroughly disinfecting employees, in order to reopen operations after the emergency declaration has been lifted.

The man who runs the restaurant that participated in the activities said, “I want to make sure that we take full measures against infectious diseases.”

Jun Nakajima of the Odawara Hakone Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Department, which organized the cleaning activities, said, “We wanted to clean the entrance of Hakone and prepare to welcome our customers. We want to be ready to accept and welcome our customers again.”

Ready for “Human Dog”

In preparation for the release of the emergency declaration, a clinic in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo is preparing to fully reopen the restricted human dock to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus.

Hospitals in areas where emergency declarations have been issued have been moving to limit human dock reservations and prevent inspections by patients.

At kasuga clinic in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, which specializes in human docks, there were about a fraction of the usual patients, but we began to prepare for a full-scale resumption after the release of the declaration.

In order to avoid “three dense” at the clinic, the café space near the entrance was newly renovated as a waiting room so that people were not crowded. I also used a hemostatic band that I could use when i collected blood, but I switched to a disposable bandage.

In addition, because there is a risk of flying a lot, we also decided to perform the inspection of the endoscope which had been discontinued by improving the circulation of air and making the protection clothes of the doctors with a garbage bag.

If the declaration is lifted, he wants to resume in earnest from next month, and Norihide Takaya, president of the Medical Corporation association that runs the clinic, said, “Due to the three-secret measures, many facilities are in a situation where they are forced to suppress patients more than usual, so many people are worried that they will miss out on the opportunity to have medical examinations. If you have a plan, i want you to have a medical checkup as soon as you do.”

The oden shop of the long-established is expected, too.

If the government can confirm the current trend of improvements in the new coronavirus infection, the long-established oden shop in Tokyo is keeping a close eye on the decision on The Sun, with the expectation of lifting the emergency declaration issued in Tokyo on The 25th.

The founding Showa 7 oden shop in Shimbashi, Tokyo, has voluntarily closed its business for more than a month from 4 th last month due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. However, due to the sharp decline in income and the pressure of management in the buildings we move into, we have been reinstated with half the number of seats in the capital’s request from this month.

However, it is said that the shop had to be closed at the time when the customer entered most, and some customers gave up and returned to hear the closing time, and even if it resumed, the sales of the day remained only about the usual amount.

Mr. Mikinari Kakino, the owner of the shop, hopes that if the government’s declaration of emergency is lifted, the city’s request for closure will be open until 10 p.m. due to the relaxation of the first stage, so customers will gradually return in the future.

Mr. Kakino said, “Until a week ago, I was only worried about the situation where I could not see the future at all, but I feel grateful to be able to resume business and work. I think it’s difficult to get back to the 100- and original, but just two hours of business hours is completely different, and I want to work as hard as I can.”

The Legion of Nikko Is In The Video

The Nikko Saru Legion, a theme park in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, distributes videos such as monkey shows on the Internet in an effort to attract customers in the future, with the aim of lifting emergency declarations such as Tokyo.

The “Nikko Saru Legion”, a theme park where you can interact with monkeys and enjoy stage shows, has been closed since last month and is scheduled to reopen this month with the aim of lifting the declaration of an emergency in Tokyo and surrounding prefectures.

In the video distribution, which is going to attract customers after the resumption, we introduce the video such as the baby of the monkey and the stage show.

On the 24th, a monkey baby was photographed holding a bottle with a small hand and drinking milk. In order to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, after the resumption of business, measures such as increasing the interval between visitors sitting in theaters are taken.

In addition, due to the continued closure, we have been struggling to pay for monkey food, so we have started crowdfunding to raise money on the Internet.

Takeshi Yukawa, manager of the Nikko Saru Legion, said, “I hope to be able to deliver fun and healing to the people who are spending time at home. I hope that once we resume business, we will enjoy the monkey’s art and gestures directly.”