Two new people in the Premier League are infected with the Corona Virus… The name was not revealed.

The Premier League has announced that two officials have confirmed a positive test for the new coronavirus. 23, The British media’s Sky Sports reports.
 All Premier League clubs conducted a second round of testing at each club’s training ground following the first inspection, which took place from 17 th to 18th. After the initial test, a total of six people, including three from Watford, were confirmed to have been tested positive for the first time. The two are officials from another club, but their names have not been revealed and seven days of self-segregation measures have been applied.
 The Premier League, which was tested by 1,744 in the first and second rounds. A total of eight people were found to be infected, with a 0.45% chance of a positive test. In addition, from the 25th to 26th of the week, the third test is expected to be carried out at each club.