U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT Disparities by State In Nevada 28% Corona Virus

U.S. UNEMPLOYMENT State Disparity Large Nevada 28% Corona Virus May 24 at 6:48

In the United States, where unemployment is skyrocketing due to the effects of the new coronavirus, the disparity in each state is large, and the worst was found to be 28 percent, nearly double the national average in western Nevada, where Las Vegas is located. Looking at the top, tourism and manufacturing are the key industries.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s summary, the worst state in the united states last month was western Nevada, which jumped more than double from the previous month, losing more than one job.

The national average is 14.7 percent, the worst since World War II, but Nevada is almost twice as large as this, indicating that the disparity is large for each state. In Nevada, las vegas casinos were forced to shut down, and the spread of dismissals related to this was seen as a major factor.

In second place was 22.7% of midwestern Michigan, where the auto industry is concentrated.

In third place are 22.3% of The State of Hawaii, and like Nevada, tourism is the main stay, and the sharp decline in tourists from Japan and other countries is expected to have a major impact.

In the United States, economic activity has resumed in all states since 20 this month, but it is unclear whether it will lead to an immediate improvement in employment.

In Las Vegas, where there is a casino

Along the main street in the heart of Las Vegas, there are many luxury hotels and restaurants with casinos, but many are still in business due to concerns about the spread of the new Coronavirus infection.

Tourists are sparsely populated in the city, souvenir shops are closed all over the place, and there are no working people.

On the bulletin board on the street corner, messages such as “Let’s stay healthy” and “I’m looking forward to seeing you again” are swept away as if the whole city had stopped moving.