Untouchable “Sikaman” is a one-night revival – two people’s enthusiasm watched by Program D

The special program “JUNK Untouchable’s Chicago Mango Final Special”, featuring comedy duo Untouchables Yamazaki And Hidetsugu Shibata as personalities, will be broadcast live on TBS radio on 24 th 25:00-27:00.

“Untouchable Chicago Mango”, nicknamed “Sikaman”, is an untouchable crown radio program that aired at midnight Thursday in the “JUNK” frame for five years from April 7, 2005. In the regular final episode of The Broadcast on April 1, 2010, yamazaki’s “I want to do a real final episode someday” concluded the program, but after the revival of the combination at the end of last year, the wish of the year finally became a reality.

This live broadcast that the staff at the time of the regular also participates and is done. How did the final episode of the 10th year be decided? What kind of story do the two of you talk about on the day? I interviewed Yoshifumi Imamura, the director of the regular broadcast, and yoshifumi Imamura, who is also in charge of this special program.

I remembered the contents of the program i did 10 years ago.

“Untouchable Chicago Mango” to be revived for the first time in 10 years (Photo courtesy of TBS Radio)

How did the broadcasting come about?

Last year, i The combination blitz revival of the untouchable in the weakness times and fuji television system was large. The story of the program itself had come out immediately immediately after the revival of the combination, but there was also the convenience of various schedule adjustments, it was decided to broadcast this month in the interval.

What kind of communication did you have with the two untouchables on the broadcast?

The meeting was only once at the end of April, and it was only about a net hour due to the convenience of the schedule, but I met with the staff at the time of the regular, and the meeting bloomed in the old story moderately. The atmosphere of the two of them was no different from the regular days. I didn’t feel like I had a blank for ten years.

– Sikaman was a special person for both of you, wasn’t it?

I hope so. Both of them remembered the content of the program they did ten years ago. I’m almost forgotten. I also felt my desire for the program, saying, “I want to listen to the contents of the final episode of the regular broadcast.”

♦Program composition that arrived at the end of trouble

How do you feel as the first director of Sikaman in 10 years, Mr. Imamura?

I wanted the untouchable to be resurrected as a combination, and i wanted to see the untouchable comic samane. “I wish I could revive someday”, and i was really surprised because it was a blitz revival of the arrowhead that I thought was much further ahead, i was really glad because I didn’t think i could make the final episode of Sikaman.

In fact, there is a lot of pressure. It’s the last time i’ve waited 10 years for listeners. I was worried about the program’s composition because I was nervous about whether i could live up to those expectations.

– The program composition that worried, what kind of landing point did you end up?

At the first meeting with the staff, I decided to talk with the staff, and by e-mail from the listeners, I began to wonder if I should do more things by myself. In the end, as originally planned, it consisted of two post corners, two talks, and an email from a listener.

At the time of the regular broadcast, we were always soliciting emails as “Sikaman theme”, and we were looking forward to talking about it. This is the first time in ten years, so I think i’ll receive a lot of e-mails from listeners at the time, not to mention the two of you, the staff is also very much looking forward to it. And I want you to send a lot of e-mails from listeners who listen to it for the first time!

I don’t even know what kind of talk i’ll be talking about until the live broadcast.

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, each station has taken measures such as remote appearances, but how will sikaman be broadcast this time?

At this time, there was an option of remote appearance, but one person was in the studio and the other was in a different place… I don’t mean it.

I think it makes sense for two untouchable people to face each other and talk, so after thoroughly preventing adequate infection, such as acrylic plates and disinfection, we will broadcast from tbs radio studios together.

– I’m really looking forward to talking about the people who are playing in Sikaman for the first time in ten years.

I really don’t know what kind of talk the two of them will have on the day until the live broadcast begins. Not only our staff, but also Yamazaki and Shibata enter the studio with no idea what they are talking about.

– It’s exciting, isn’t it?

Since the regular broadcast, i haven’t had any meetings beforehand. What kind of story are we going to talk about today? And there is no hearing, and there is no two people talking in advance at all. We don’t even know what kind of development we’re going to do, so we don’t even know which one will start the day at the opening. I’ve always looked forward to it. I hope there will be such a talk this time.

What we talk about is only in each other’s head, and we will be able to live on a live broadcast in a situation that we can only see when it becomes the real thing, including the staff, so I think that you can enjoy the excitement together if you listen to it in real time. It’s the final episode, but we don’t really know what kind of broadcast it will be except for the two corners.

What does the last episode of the 10-year festival mean?

Q: I think there are many “new” listeners who don’t know when to be a regular, but i would like to ask you a message again.

I’ve been on TV a lot, and I think you already know how interesting the untouchable is. However, “Radio Untouchable” is different from television. I hope you enjoy it.

– This “final episode”, but I think it’s actually a stepping stone for a new program.

This broadcast is not “the next broadcast” at all. With the two of us reviving the duo, we can do the “real “Sikaman final” we wanted to do 10 years ago – this time, that’s all there is to it. So, I hope that all of our listeners will listen to it.

Author : Aya Miguchi Dai

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