“What I learned from golf” which was used in the rakugo of Miyutei Enraku × Maruyama Shigeki and the professional work

Tokyo FM’s program “Arc presents Maruyama Shigeki MOVING SATURDAY” is a program in which professional golfer Shigeki Maruyama works as a personality. On May 16th, the broadcast was broadcast by rakugo artist Sanyutei Enraku.

Miyutei Enraku (right) and personality Shigeki Maruyama

◆45 years of golf experience

While attending Aoyama Gakuin University, Mr. Enraku caught the eye of his master, the fifth generation, Sanyutei Enraku, and was invited to the world of rakugo and graduated from university while training in the front seat. He was expected to be a member of The Laughing Point, a regular member of The Nippon Television Network, at the age of 27.

Speaking of Maruyama: Mr. Enraku, he is always playing golf and being black.

Isn’t that about the belly?

Maruyama: It’s not my belly. It is often referred to as “stomach black” at the point of laughter. At the age of 27, I became a regular “laugh point”, but did you start playing golf after that?

I’m about 25 years old. I was invited by a senior who liked golf to say, “Do it, too.” “Then I’m going to the training ground!” I said, “I’m not going to go. Even rakugo doesn’t practice, so he’s laughing.

Maruyama: It’s a lie.

I happened to be the host of an auction at a department store. If you’re auctioning on the roof, there’s a golf set. McGregor’s VIP and Spalding’s ELITE.

Maruyama: That’s a long time ago.

When I heard about the price, it was 50,000 yen at the time and it was a very good set.

Maruyama: 50,000 yen at the time, it’s expensive, isn’t it?

“Do you want to get 20,000 yen somehow?” What do you think? At the time, the guarantee was 15,000 yen, but i added 5,000 yen and said, “Can I drop it? I didn’t drop it myself.

Maruyama: Yes.

Enraku: I carried it on and went with my seniors. When i got to the golf course with enthusiasm, it was marked with vinyl. One by one, while taking it out( laughs). The senior says, “Run as soon as you hit it”. I was run with an iron and wondered why everyone was doing such a boring thing.

Maruyama: I understand.

Even though, i’m not going to lose to Toshihiko Seko because i ran.

Maruyama: Hahaha I used to look alike.

I was addicted to golf because I did it at that time.

◆It also affects rakugo. What I learned from golf

Maruyama: Are there many rakugo members who go golfing together?

With a classmate of Enraku. After all, there are a lot of people who start playing golf again because it gets old and it retires, and “There is not what to do”. Rakugo artists don’t do much.

Maruyama: Don’t you do it?

There is a word “Eraku- ito-fu-fu-yai”, but i don’t have it at hand, i don’t have a money. Golf is expensive, isn’t it? I’m busy on Saturdays and Sundays, and if I go there on weekdays, i’m going to eat rice food for about 15,000 yen.

Maruyama: That’s right.

It’s so hard for young people to do it. At the time of local recording, “laugh point” members and the great staff of the other bureau. The rest is like doing with acquaintances and friends. It was the best time to do it, 56 times a year.

Maruyama: That’s amazing.

Enraku: If you’re doing a number, your handicap goes up more and more. Now my body is like this, and it’s become a leisure activity. When I said the joy of senior tea(laughs).

Maruyama: Is it gold tea from the front?

Yen-raku: Yes. From the front, the possibility of two-on comes out more and more.

Maruyama: There are some interesting things there, too. It’s boring when you don’t get everything, and it’s a good thing about golf to be able to adapt to your age.

It is so.

Maruyama: Has you learned anything from golf?

It’s the fun of what the four of us are doing. Of course, there are some areas where you are fighting the course and the score, but you can enjoy it with harmony. As soon as I switched my mind to leisure, I lost my competitive spirit.

Maruyama: Yes.

Enraku: Golf is good in competition, it’s good as a hobby, it’s good to play, and you can drink. There is no such sport.

Maruyama: That’s right.

You can play a variety of ways. One thing changes the way we look at each other from different angles. I also found that rakugo is different from the picture seen from the characters there and the picture seen from the characters here. I wonder if being able to see various things influenced rakugo.

Maruyama: I’d be happy if you could say that.

The next broadcast on Saturday, May 30, will continue to be delivered to guests. Please look forward to!

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