“Write the script properly. Nobukov Yoshimura calls Ariyoshi “Master”

Hiroyuki Ariyoshi’s tv broadcast “ARIYOSHI Hiroyuki’s SUNDAY NIGHT DREAMER” is a live radio program in which the personality is used. On May 17, we sent our assistants to Koji Yamamoto and Kanta, the time machine no. 3.

From left: Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, Koji Yamamoto, Ta Seki

The other day, “Ariyoshi No Wall” was broadcast on The Nippon Television Network To talk about the “break artist general election”. Time Machine No. 3 showed off the demon gal zombie neta won the first place in the number of votes. Two people who did zombie make-up in a flashy gal fashion emanated “Good grave digging Killer phrase of uke, to a big topic on the net.

In response to this, on May 20th, “Ariyoshi No Wall” aired on May 20, and a new story of “Oni Gal Zombie” was shown. Although the number of votes and the big support from the viewers were obtained, Ariyoshi seemed not to be addicted, “I wonder why that won the championship. I’m a negative,” kippari in front of the two of them.

Ariyoshi, who saw the new story, said, “I don’t really like it, so I’m going to finish it smoothly. Yes yes, thank you very much,” i said, “I was quite tenacious.

With the crown of the number of votes in hand, because it was an appearance of dangling a new story triumphantly, the two were expecting a fervent welcome tinkering, says Ariyoshi, “Eh, what is it!? It is a demon gal zombie who won! Like. It seems to have created the atmosphere that it is more entangled.

“I don’t like this story very much, and it’s not interesting, so it’s good to leave it to the audience before my emotions come out. I was doing the story exactly, and I thought I’d let you go home quickly.”

However, the thought of Ariyoshi is not revealed, and two people who have wanted the entanglement after the neta is shown. On May 10, Sandri of the broadcast of the program, “I do not like” the oni gal zombie story, ariyoshi had declared to two people. Because it was a new story recording afterwards, “That’s also, I’m saying that, but all the viewers are on our side, so i wish i could do even the story well, and i wish i had a cool and nice hater” he says.

“No, it’s a little bit. To the two people who go down, Ariyoshi seems to have no choice but to say, “Then I’m, “What’s your name?” When I asked him the name of the character, he was so sveheating. And the more i get involved, the more i start to glare at me.

You’re going to get involved, so I’m disgusting, i’m not going to do it somehow. That said, time machine No. 3, which exceeds 20 years of art history, Because we’ve been saying it from ourselves, i guess there’s a lot of stuff with bullets, and it’s rude, so I think, “What’s your name?” When I asked him, Yamamoto replied, “It’s Zobi Mi-mi”, and Seki replied, “Fujiyama Zonmi-bi-bi”, and it’s a susberg.

Looking back on the talk after the show, Seki said, “I didn’t think of anything, really. I reflected on the fact that ad lib was not good. Ariyoshi said, “I’m going to tell you to get involved, so I think you have a bullet. If you don’t have it, don’t tell me. I wanted you to come back with a jerk.”

However, when Seki countered, “I’m sorry, I’m a little cheeky, but I wanted a little different question,” Ariyoshi said, “You’re not good, you can only do it, and i’m like, “What’s your name?” Listen, if you’ve not even thought of the name, please give me a note before the actual Bassari said.

And, “It is said this, and it is since it is from The Yoshimura Takashi of Heisei Nobushibushi”, and it confesses that Takashi Yoshimura had been involved by the no plan which squeezed Ariyoshi’s neck by recording “London Hearts” and “TV Asahi”before.

After the recording, Ariyoshi said, “You, don’t do it twice. I’m going to do what you want to do, so write the script! What do you think. And then Yoshimura wrote this down and brought me back, and then he said, ‘Master!’ I’m going to reveal past episodes.

At the end, Ariyoshi said, “I think it’s okay to be a sve, I do. I’m just on my way, just stop looking at me, laugh,” he said, “Please, demon gal zombie. I look forward to playing an active part in the future.”

Broadcast date: Every Sunday 20:00-21:55
19 stations in JFN nationwide, except for TOKYO FM
Personality: Hiroyuki Ariyoshi
Program website http://www.jfn.jp/dreamer
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