Yakult Takatsu, guardian god “judged after looking at the actual battle format”

Yakult’s Director Takatsu Situgo made a telephone appearance in the “Nippon Broadcasting Show Up Night Special: A Message to the Opening of Tokyo Yakult Swallows”, which aired on 23rd, and talked about the guardian god.

In the program, yasuaki Ishiyama, a candidate for guardian god, appeared on the phone in front of Coach Takatsu, and showed his willingness to recapture the guardian god, saying, “Last year, i couldn’t help the team at all, so I hope i can take it away from the start this year.

Coach Takatsu seemed to be listening to Ishiyama’s broadcast, saying, “Ishiyama is also a candidate because he said that Ishiyama is doing well,” but “McGaf is also throwing some very good pitches. I’d like to make a decision after looking at the actual form.”

(Nippon Broadcasting Show Up Night)