Yuto Isomura, Insta Live Forgotten “Broadcast Accident” Noisy! Actually, a new attempt

Actor Yuto Isomura has been making headlines for his live broadcast on his Instagram.

Yuto Isomura

This will be Isomura’s first show of Instalive, and he will respond to comments from fans. After enjoying the exchange for about 20 minutes, i pressed the end button, but the screen didn’t end, and the sound of Isomura’s life was playing, and the fans said,”It’s not broken!” Somebody tell me!” It overflows with the comment which panicked.

In addition, I started to call as it was, and said, “Did you send me your mother croquettes?” You said you’d send me! I want to eat croquettes! Damn it! And, “how many times do you say croquettes ww”, “cute but laugh”, “i like croquettes”, “too accident” and confused viewers comments overflowed in the appearance of isomura who is angry, and the audience continued to increase.

Eventually, Isomura noticed the screen being delivered and asked, “Why are you following this?” And quit, SNS also fussy. However, the character of “Director Keisuke Kondo, photography, Isomura Yuto” flowed on the insta screen of Isomura which became a topic, and it was clarified that it was a fiction. As a result, “I was relieved”, “Isomura theater great”, “I fell in love more and more”, “The small play was too good and laughed”, the impression was written one after another.

The video is a new Insta-live movie in which the new film director Keisuke Kondo and Isomura, who just released a short film “Animal Runaway Teacher” in the movie “Woman Woman” and shinpa home-made film this month, teamed up. It was a surprise from two people who wanted to enjoy a period of self-imposed control over the corona disaster in a new attempt to entice audiences from the real Instalive to the world of fiction.

In addition, this insta-live is a part of the work. Before and after the live performance, the video will be fully followed and will be broadcast on YouTube at 10 pm on the 25th.

Yuto Isomura Comments

As an actor, I was thinking about what I could communicate with my current behavior. So I met Director Kondo and started the project when I wanted to do something interesting in a short story.
I’ve always been interested in the raw happenings and tragedies that happen on the Internet, and i get the idea from there, and what happens if I make a live play on InstaLive? It came to try an experimental that.
Using content that allows you to interact closely with fans called InstaLive, we will lead you to the world of film and theater while talking to fans in real time. It’s not a drama, it’s not a drama. I felt that the meaning of being an actor was being questioned when I challenged myself as a new genre. It was a conception that was born because of this time of life, and I felt that this period was not a wasted period of self-restraint. Now, i’m in a relaxed mood, but like this work, it’s still a thing to watch out for.

Director Kondo Comment

Suddenly, it moves from live distribution to the world of the movie. I started such a mischief.
Your time watching live delivery without noticing the moment when it is replaced by fiction from reality is surely also included in the time axis in the movie.
I can’t imagine what kind of movie it will be, because I’ve never done it, but I’m excited like a child. However, I only watch remotely. I would like to enjoy isomura-kun who delivers on his own account and challenges such dangerous things with his career on his back.
At last. This time when the world became uneasy, it became a time when it made me realize a lot of things. Forget…