24 hour TV Vice captain・増田貴久 to question the offensive”qualities?” “A vision is?”

Idol group・NEWS 増田貴久, but with just 20 days to be broadcast by Japan TV series variety show”whirled in the 2 hour SP”(19:00~20:54)of”GO team will!” A barrage of questions for you.


The guest is a movie”from today I!! The movie”starring 伊藤健太郎, and get a figure appeared. Gourmet itinerant introduced at a young age love was her grandmother’s special home cooking, and my sister is eating well made hearty food such as home, the episode is revealed.

I love natto’s unique way of eating to our consternation. Recently, natto is eaten by 岡村隆史 the ITO current challenge is….

Also, Kei Tanaka, and usually from a good relationship with this”Kei you’re just not to lose”and enthusiasm ito. However, Tanaka is from the secret rose,in a panic to.

This year’s theme is”this summer and try to enjoy the SP”and summer, a variety of items available. Watermelon round and made to look fun“watermelon juice”in all the excitement. In addition, the”best kitchen knives, such as”I want ito for the show, special knives available. Luxury kitchen knife before the ito he thought. The latest secret watermelon splitting, the ITO is Helter-Skelter. I want to say all of the members of the reverse gear also.

This summer 増田貴久 speaking of”24 hour TV”main personality Vice captain appointed. So, our members seriously”the Vice captain what are the qualities of that?” “A vision is?” Such as Masuda to a barrage of questions for you. Further,ito of serious questions forced into Masuda is Digital Digital the.

Food policy is”thread list”, such as Masuda’s unique expression, the knob from the”hundred I 鼻頭 was to”harsh chemistry. Honda Wing,an actress from the summer and are having a difficult time with confession. Also, now is the wrong impression of the student’s photo to be published.

Announcement of the results, the 1st from the announcement of”and!” Everyone paled as the situation occurs. Currently the lowest is absolutely not lose the Tanaka is as a result to involuntarily ejaculate.


Kei Tanaka=the

Honda Wing=the