Adobe,CXM Foundation”Adobe Experience Platform”to domestic offers

Adobe is 7 Months 29 days,Customer Experience Management (Customer Experience Management:CXM)platform for”Adobe Experience Platform”to the domestic offer and announced. Artificial intelligence(AI)/machine learning(ML) framework”Adobe Sensei”, it is possible to develop real-time customer profile to build most of the customers privacy, the personalized content at the right time will be able to provide.

Adobe Experience Cloud configuration image

Adobe Experience Platform,”the Marketing Cloud””Analytics Cloud””Advetising Cloud””Commerce Cloud”and”Adobe Experience Cloud”offering services to underpin the Foundation of the product. Corporate and customer touch points grow increasingly diverse, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), POS (point of sale information management),SFA(sales support system),ERP (integrated ERP systems),BI (Business Intelligence) And a plurality of data from the source to the customer experience necessary to import data,customer profile integration from data governance,AI/ML, utilization of customer communication for the activation of integrated platform that provides.

Any data source from the data collected,customer experience management designed for Experience Data Model (XDM)to a more standardized,integrated, which is now solely for text messages. Data management,data governance to realize DULE (Data Usage Labeling Enforcement) framework, the customer data of each item and purpose of management and its purpose, not use restrictions, and privacy regulations such as the consideration of data use possible.

Respect the privacy of customer experience management is more important to have

Also, Adobe Experience Platform application running as a service,”Real-time CDP””Customer Journey Analytics””Journey Orchestration”service is also started.

Real-time CDP data collection, profile integration, and customer communication in real time is possible. Integrated data,Adobe Experience Platform connected to the various systems to real-time deployed,ad and system to utilize it is possible.

Customer Journey Analytics”Adobe Analytics”extend the functionality of the other. Adobe Experience Platform integrated by a profile based on this CDP solution is difficult,the Omni-channel path(path)and Fallout(withdrawal), the visual analysis can be.

Journey Orchestration, and Omni-channel communication flow and the ability to design to. Adobe Experience Platform integrated to all channels of data using a specific event has occurred during the communication flow can be designed. Adobe Experience Cloud Application and API connected through the system in real time can be performed.

Adobe Experience Platform machine learning advanced analysis”Data Science Workspace”equipped. Adobe Sensei of AI/ML by integrated use of data,scoring and raster data such as a profile extension is possible. In addition, the company provides an AI model tuning to use, as well as Python and R for different languages using data to your own model you can also.

This Japan deployment of the Adobe Experience Platform to support the introduction of consulting services and Adobe Digital Learning Services Application Services provide training which will be.