“Armored Genesis mode”new project starting! Shinji Aramaki・Kakinuma Ningyo Hideki is re-gathered

TV anime”armored Genesis mode”of the New Project”GENESIS BREAKER”is started. The mechanic was responsible for the design Aramaki Shinji,Kakinuma Ningyo Hideki is about 40 years to gather”armored Genesis mode”of the new aspects of the artist’s imagination.
“Armored Genesis mode”from 1983 was broadcast,Tatsunoko professional production of TV animation. 異星 life was occupied by the Earth and regain the enemy bases aimed at young people fight, is played by sci-Fi 青春群像 the play as drawn. Or the play that appeared in different parts of the world to bike・mode and three-stage modification of combat mechanics・legions, including sophisticated mechanics the existence of a work of popular helped.
“GENESIS BREAKER”is,stick our humanity military reflex points aims to continue the adventure and behind the scenes,behind the scenes as Covert Forces・Special Duty Corps breakers,commonly known as the”GENESIS BREAKERS”centered on the story to expand. Never out that was their ending of a battle is depicted well. And”armored Genesis mode-GENESIS BREAKER-“of stories and characters, the project of the website on future updates have been planned.
Also starting a project to fit the”GENESIS BREAKER”that appeared in the new armor of 1/12 scale action figure is also being planned. In the future,”GENESIS BREAKER”planning is a thousand value kneading from the commercialization of the shaft as well.
Other”armored Genesis mode”of the event”armored Genesis Mode Exhibition~graveyard Requiem~”tomorrow 7 May 31 from Nakano Broadway in Tokyo. “Armored Genesis mode” – related Goodies on sale and the exhibition is, of course,”GENESIS BREAKER”character of the panel also to be installed. Also, the first day of the event from Thousand value kneading by figures”1/48 scale full deformation figure off・Zeta”in order to start accepting. Venue in order to read a book, for people only benefits but also expected. From 8 November 11 is the official block book”entertainment archive armored Genesis mode FILE”, is released. “GENESIS BREAKER”of the visual is quickly exposed, and Aramaki,Kakinuma Ningyo branch also published. And”armored Genesis Mode Exhibition~graveyard Requiem~”in a bookstore for 8 on 8 the date of the pre-sale conduct.
Exhibition events”armored Genesis Mode Exhibition~graveyard Requiem~”
Time period: 2020 Year 7 on 31 October(Friday) to 8 November 12 (Wed.)
Venue: Tokyo Graves Gallery (中野本 store)
Admission: free
(C)Tatsunoko Pro