Cloud security in the world and Japan the gap between you–the Oracle survey

Oracle is a 7 month 30 days,a cloud security survey results announced. Japan-Cloud Data Migration and cloud security understanding of the world and later found that that.

The survey,KPMG and the joint in the 7 countries of cyber security and IT professionals 750 people in the use of cloud security in the current situation asked about. Answer companies, nearly 90% of SaaS, nearly 80 percent of IaaS in use. In the next 2 years, more than half of the data to be migrated to the cloud for companies is on average 49%was in Japan 22 per cent. Their own data center and public cloud is that the safe company average 75%, however, Japan is 56 percent. Also, the IT security officer is responsible for the shared model to have a good understanding of the average at 8%, and Japan is 0 percent.

The company is in the cloud, data security is emphasized and pointed out. 79% of respondents from other companies in the data breach occurs in-house data protection, interest in, and Japan is 85% for.

However, security measures are an ad hoc basis…… great 78%is 51 or more kinds of security products’s nearly half 101 or more types may also use have. In Japan, 51 or more kinds of security products use the company is 82%,101 or more kinds by 32 percent.

Cloud security the biggest challenge is setting an average of 41% in Japan, 51 percent to. Configuration mistakes can cause data loss or an average of 51% in Japan, 42 percent. The respondents will be introduced to average 88% in Japan, 92% of the patching of the automation mentioned. Moreover, the average 87% (Japan 95%) is set, such as measures to strengthen artificial intelligence/machine learning is required and answered.

Besides this, network-based threat detection to use an average of 44%in Japan and 59%, Japan’s world as compared to perimeter defense over-reliant on the security measures in the coming years, with. The world and Japan the gap is too large,”excess of authority granted (Japan 45%,global 37%)””security group setting is incorrect (Japan 40%,the World 33%)””confidential information is not encrypted (Japan 32%,Worlds 25%)”was.