Commuter train,offices, classrooms…the new coronavirus of“aerosol infection”to reduce?

Takahashi Minami is the personality for the TOKYO FM Live wide program”Takahashi Minami”from this, what are you?””. 7 month 20 days(Month) broadcast of the corners”TOKYO FM new coronavirus related information”theme, the”super computer”富岳”utilizing new type of Corona infection control research”about. The program at the beginning of the free announcer Takahashi 万里恵, the RIKEN team leader, Kobe University Professor of 坪倉 we we spoke.

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Takahashi:the socio-economic activities to resume and to again spread,a new type of coronavirus infection. Even in the workplace within the cluster and the theatre in the cluster and the spread of infection is,of our familiar scene even happening. Or like this scene, very small droplets(=aerosol)by“air,”cluster by is a possibility has also been suggested.

So,”the indoor environment and how to virus splashes of diffusion of the”super computer”富岳”using the research of RIKEN, a new type of Corona Suppression Team.

坪倉: corona virus is invisible from your scary made on a case-by-case basis. So, for example, offices and classrooms, a commuter train in how to diffuse some of the simulations, visible in the form delivered to desire,we are there for. The super computer is so fast you can calculate, and not in a simulation is roughly 1,000 cases of the dates. Such results carefully, even a little bit of our socio-economic activities back to the original if wanted.

Takahashi:坪倉 Professor of the Year 4 from the end of began this study in commuter trains, in the office, classroom, hospital room and the indoor environment under various conditions the simulation is done,6 months and the results are published. From the first, is the most familiar preventative measures is to“mask”the effect of From we.

坪倉:can be divided into 10㎛(micrometer)or more of the splashes,the eyes look to small aerosols and droplets can be divided into. Small splashes and large droplets to divide the analysis we had. The simulation No. 1 was the impressive effect of the mask. Wearing masks, and 10㎛or more large droplets are 99% suppressed it.

The problem is the small splashes. The aerosol mask from the gap of about 50% through and results. So, first the mask was large splashes against the risk of suppressing. It in an aerosol for is to ventilate the room. This 2 offered can the risk is quite minimal now is your chance to tell us what you think.

Takahashi:this is one of the first 10㎛or less of the small droplets,”aerosol”is called,富岳 by and large splashes 99% of the mask is suppressed, is that the small droplets of the 50%is the mask of a gap to leak from it. Or non-woven fabric mask of the filter from about 5% leakage of these. So first of all, the mask in large droplets to minimize the of 1 one. Then, the aerosol against, but to ventilate the room. These 2 risk must be suppressed.

Mask it as“okay”, but not the aerosol of 50%from the mask leaks and you may not be able to be aware of is important.

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