Corona ominous moves out of the”office・as・a・service”of the

The new coronavirus infection of expansion by the Office of the modalities have changed. Telecommuting dissemination of advances,companies reduce costs also expected in the downtown office area to reduce on the other hand, suburban and rural distribution the form of”office・as・a・service”is a spreading tide came out. This movement is working towards a significant other.

Corona ominous in the”office・as・a・service”to spread the jobsite

“Corona and the ominous influence of the office only as needed-used contract is increased so”–. The real estate company to work for from a friend recently that I heard about. “Only as needed-use”is in the IT field and speaking to the cloud service”as・a・service”comes to mind. And,in the real estate field from this,”office・as・a・service”movement will spread that.

However, this movement is Corona ominous had earlier. Multiple companies or individuals jointly use a”share office”, but that was it. Unit of time payments or monthly contracts available too,the new work has also received attention, there is a Corona ominous in many companies have telework introduction in, telecommuting is a hard worker but also from the attention to form and have.

I will say that it is a shared office for 7 months on the 28th an interesting announcement there was. JTB and NEC solution innovators, the heart of Tokyo and its suburbs of the hotel of the idle space utilizing a shared office business 8 on May 31 to start again.

The two companies are engaged in a shared office business and contract company employees to hotel rooms and the meeting rooms share office and using it, in a telework environment, and commuter rail congestion relief on the contribution, place and time not tied to the diverse work styles to provide you. Also, not running a hotel room or conference room, Banquet hall, such as the idle space in a shared office, and uses it as a hotel, but also a new revenue model to provide. (Figure 1)

Share office business Image (Source:JTB and NEC solution innovators of the presentation)

First, Tokyo and surrounding cities to begin service in 2021 3 around to Nagoya, Osaka to the service area to broaden the plan. Furthermore, the use depending on the needs of the company expand,2022 years and 3 months in Japan, the development would. For more information about the presentation you will see.