DX active new gas Chieko listen to,yield value”data use realization of” ~data utilization is not progressing and troubled companies prescription~

In daily operations, a wide variety of the system’s”data”, Competitiveness Enhancement and business expansion of the use of such initiatives in many enterprises proceed on the other hand,the actual”data use is going well”and the chest, as many companies do. ZDNet Japan with cloud-based BI platform”Domo”jointly conducted by”the corporate use of data survey”respondents”76%”, the company’s”data use”to feel frustrated when. Dissatisfied with the organization as a”data new value from birth to”how to change what are the necessary conditions?

This time, the energy industry in the cloud and the data it provides platform services to start, such as DX efforts to actively expand Japan Gas(New gas),the Executive Director for Matsuda 祐毅 says the company’s”data use”initiatives, and many companies have common problems to solve tips for Heard. (※1)

Nippon Gas Co., Ltd. Executive Officer, energy business division
Information and Communication Technology Department,
Matsuda 祐毅 Mr.
From 1992 to the IT industry into a major foreign IT companies,start-up companies through the incumbent to. CTO 10 years. The banking system,the office system and the Web system from the IoT, AI, BlockChain implementation of the W3C contribution to The such as experience. Incumbent and legacy systems, development and refactoring from the robot development, AI development, IoT development and BlockChain to the development of command and Estonia began a European technology company with a lead role. Private of contemporary artists in collaboration with media art and participation, Python, and C++for programming and download of electronic tools in OpenFrameworks love 一児 Daddy.

In an increasingly competitive energy industry in the”Uber-over”aimed at new gas

-Today is thank you in advance for your help. First, Matsuda’s career, with the new gas it was to hear.

Matsuda Mr. I in the 1990s from the first half of the IT industry, and involved in,the Japanese financial system tanks and foreign IT companies,AI/IoT treat venture with various genre and scale of the company worked. New gas got into the 2017 of it. Prior to joining the company in an interview with the President of WADA, is”our company is Uber beyond don’t know how to say”to hear”funny”I think,joined to determination.

-”Uber beyond words”look to this,I felt like.

Matsuda Mr. our WADA is an excellent visionary, and the words of their own, but recently were engaged in AI/IoT platform in common with the feel of it. AI/IoT platform in order to make the most of various systems from the sequential gathering of data to detect a change, it triggers and alarms how to existing software on there.

We refer to it as”context check”is called, but, in fact, this mechanism is,the existing industry against Uber and GAFA called the company has done, and similar. Companies that offer products and business models, on top of Uber and GAFA is”another mechanism”put in this efforts, and business transaction of getting paid that way. This is all the existing industries, the industry can be applied.

The energy industry, which this change can not escape. Uber-like companies in business and change the way we will discover our own hands I want. It was the”Uber beyond words”Look From feel like think.

-New gas”information and communication technology unit”in the group’s overall IT strategy, including information systems of all involved in the business have done it. Especially DX-field”data utilization”of the area currently being worked, here’s what you need to do.

Matsuda has new gas, LP gas direct sales number in Japan No. 1 market share. LP gas is the energy industry in the liberalization started early for our early from IT utilizing the competitiveness in the world.

In recent years of initiatives, the company developed and currently use the”Kumo no uchusen”business system As a cloud service to the energy industry and other companies for providing, and the gas cylinder and the meter of such equipment from the acquired data is wirelessly collected,standardized on the aggregated data to the platform”new gas・stream” These services of individual functions to the API and cut out by providing”data・Station of the road”such as the deployment there.

Currently, the service platform overall architecture, large 3 area of the micro-service to be divided into standards. 3 areas is”asset management”,”business logic””field support”, in particular”asset”customer contracts and equipment and tie, a mechanism to develop as a new form of data utilization can greatly affect it.

Industry as the topic,the 2022 can be implemented to gas pipeline operators of the legal separation and the like. This, now more than ever the retail business is activated, the competition is intense and is expected. New gas, the timing of future data business to further strengthen it.

Data is”collect”instead of”Get Together”think of that

-I conducted by”the corporate use of data survey”(reference article) of the respondents”76%”of their data usage to feel frustrated, and as a reason for”data collection and consolidation”can have,and even though the big hassle is hanging and be mentioned in…… As a result, about how I feel from you from………

Matsuda says”collect data and organize”problems,new gas there was, and still completely was not. Always resolve to a working. This is,utilize data to advance their businesses,unavoidable challenge it.

I,AI/IoT platform to venture in…… AI model-making, and a large amount of data is required. At that time, customers from the often heard”as a challenge to the data, how to collect and don’t”could you tell us about the new album, in fact, this thinking is itself to take advantage of the data on the first wall for a while.

The data here is actively running the”Collect”is, and from beyond it”come around”all the idea of conversion is required. The various data from the system are automatically gathered and standardized in a state to be accumulated for as well as. In our case,in order to achieve that”new gas・stream”as the platform made it.

Of course, the status quo is not perfect. For example, the more real time the data gathered, if the current API-based and overhead can not be ignored, so if you direct the database to banging the data to take this as needed and have a……

You and your organization and division and dispersion which are controlled from the data source,company-wide integrated data pool, how to make and difficult issue. This is more an organizational challenge your organization to break down the walls by threading alliances through which such power to those who have led the advanced and not the case to so many. In some cases, the organizational issues to the ‘technical’ Brawn in the bypass that such a force will be necessary.