Eva Evangelion”introductory/break/Q”of NHK General is series first broadcast,8, May 26 from 3 nights in a row

NHK General on 8 May 26, from 3 nights in a row, the”rebuild of Evangelion”series 3 Making of the broadcast is determined. NHK General broadcasting TV animation”Evangelion”for the Evangelion series first.

In 1995, This TV series broadcast in the social phenomenon”Neon Genesis Evangelion”. In 2007,”Evangelion”as a series restart,”:order””:break””:Q”of 3 Make published a big hit. Then, the latest installment in the final to make”series・Evangelion movie”is coming soon scheduled to be.

This time, NHK General at 8 on 26 October from 3 nights in a row, the”rebuild of Evangelion”series of broadcasts is determined. This year 4 month to NHK BS4K,5 on NHK BS Premium broadcast there is a great response I called this series. 5 month 16 day broadcast to the”Evangelion the big vote”(NHK BS Premium) Twitter trends in”full Eva”is 1st to win such a big excitement over this topic was.

Each broadcast day,”Evangelion:introduction”8 May 26 23:45~,”Evangelion new theatrical version: breaking”8 month 27 date 23:45~,”Evangelion:Q”8 May 28 23:45~.