Ikebukuro rent in 8 million of 1K from the same price of Shonan to move and”QOL explosion up”with tweets in the neighborhood many different things! “In the true sense of the work reform,””new live switch””best”voice

The new coronavirus, with the impact of”telework”is spreading rapidly. Previously IT-based ventures such as part of, but now employees tens of thousands of companies to introduce, such as the rush to telework, he started one

And, if earlier commuting convenience for the residence of life, ease and safety, and work-at-home space for the suburbs over the case to increase it.

In the meantime, your tweet is an inside joke about a weather report album called Mr. gone where they referred to was.

Telecommuting with the movers and the Shonan dwellings ※tap to zoom in

The post for entrepreneurs,programmers, Matsumoto, Tomoyuki(@tomoyuki28jp)is….. Working at home can residence to the same extent as the rent in rent to the Shonan area I moved to so.

4 months from telecommuting, the Shonan sea and a 10-minute walk from the property moved. Ikebukuro 1K and not change the rent(8 million yen), the leading House of manufacturers furnished 2LDK apartment, and QOL is improved.
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For this post,”a really lovely house in a quality of life that may I ask?” “This is true in the sense of working to reform it.””spend a long time location, convenient to the comfort thing. The environment is important””it’s not live switching! 2LDK if in the outside also not enough .. and I!” “Just yesterday the wife, and the Shonan beach near the house and from the best right! Remote only game.
I talk for…… Good not Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah!!! I had to laugh, such as”the change of life sympathize with a lot of feedback from you.
QOL explosion on life

It’s no Matsumoto, no more to hear their opinion.

–Previous live or how was it.

Matsumoto I: Ikebukuro Station near the rent 8 thousand 6,000 per 1K apartment to live in…… In a narrow room,work, eat, sleep, and muscle training as hard as I was.

–What kind of disadvantage you?

Mr. Matsumoto: that too much(laughs). Storage space is gone,the Shoe rack to the cooker to put the home to sterilize,and in the bathroom of a hassle was in the kitchen, washing hands or. This is a hand-washing or foam, water and a sponge to take, such as hygiene care for.

Ikebukuro Times of Mr. Matsumoto’s room of the state

Also, the quiet life,1 Day 4 meals self-catering or Matsumoto I,single for a small refrigerator to have on top of that you can produce is limited,Well it’s frustrating for them.

So Matsumoto will made up his mind to sell as I moved in the new house, the nearest from the station on foot in 20 minutes, the”leading House of manufacturers is a relatively new property””fully air-conditioned””from the sea near”, such as digging out the properties it seems to.

–Now live from the get-go.

Mr. Matsumoto: couldn’t ask for anything more!! The room is wide, living in the strength training space is made, and the sofa is put, and the more storage space is significantly increased, organized can.

Rent 8. 7 million yen dwelling ※Matsumoto’s description based on the reproduction

The previous room, and storage space for food, scattering tidy, which is difficult to clean and a vicious cycle was say. However, now the room is on the floor I of the robot vacuum cleaner can use,and frequent cleaning the virtuous cycle turned into it.

–Quality of life has improved Post been moved to life after the first place?

Mr. Matsumoto: an abstract way of saying,”Want to act more,and act sill that lowers the effective”of the word. Now a dwelling,work room,living room, bedroom can be divided, the behavior of the Switch is easy. Workroom go to work when only distracting from the focus, and more than before, much easier to work in…….

Stand on Desk, feet at the back of the stepper and workroom

Folding of the mattress using the bed and bedroom

The sofa is comfortable and the living

A newly purchased large refrigerator, food processor, microwave oven is active with the kitchen

–Outside the House of life is??

Mr. Matsumoto: from the previous walk routine of about 10 minutes, the almost daily sea walk(laughs). The nature of the city are less than much feeling good. Your snorkel set bought,work in the sea to swim free! Experience Nebuta festival with being the participants called “haneto” or the music is the same the rent of”2.5 times more than a good house to live in”a sense,my incredible”quality of life”on me.

Quality of life is the explosion over Tokyo→Kanagawa move to make a difference to almost feel to say that Mr. Matsumoto,now the location of the only drawback is the”24 hour trash can”it.

Corona crisis, the Companies Office will be decentralized, and Central to the concentration is may be relieved is considered. The telework is popular with workers in the conventional”value of life”may change.

4 months from telecommuting, the Shonan sea and a 10-minute walk from the property moved. Ikebukuro 1K and not change the rent(8 million yen), the leading House of manufacturers furnished 2LDK apartment, and QOL is improved. pic.twitter.com/J2glicatnC— Matsumoto, Tomoyuki (@tomoyuki28jp) July 26, 2020