Kawaguchi Haruna:”very 主夫 Road”in Tamaki Hiroshi’s wife “and go out, and the house scene enjoy…

Actress Kawaguchi Haruna will of the actor, Tamaki Hiroshi are starring in the 10 months start of the serial drama”very 主夫 road”(Yomiuri TV・Japan TV series,on Sunday afternoon at half past 10)when the movie is 7 month 30 days, did. Mr. I dressed up(me), a mob from kicking off 専業主夫・Dragon wife 美久 At first but after a while a started to get the hang of it.
Drama, Shinchosha manga site”from the launch of”the series in the of and of this find of the same name in the manga is the original.” The most evil of the”mob”immortal Dragon”is said,the mob from the feet after washing 美久 married 専業主夫 was a dragon, the family and various incidents that happen in town to protect the Peace depicts a”human Comedy”.
Miku is upset,the designers work as members of a career, but a little natural loose in there,tidy up is not good on cooking, hair style…… The character was.
Yeah,the drama of appearances on”the original reading,without even thinking that they read and the laugh scene and this scene is a lot, so when this kind of drama to make it work so” And joy,played by 美久 about”members of a career, just like one you would have the face of things. Husband and surreal scene personally fun of,rammed into it from a fun game and a little goes a long way!”and morale no good……..
The couple who plays Tamaki and he is”from now on, Mr. Tamaki of the dragon as well and greater. 2 people in and out, and the house(out)at the scene of the most fun”by the Dutch. The drama about”this shooting and is very fun. Family is like a lot of fun to laugh to look into the drama you’re not you”, and not comment about that.
◇Zhongshan Qiao lyrics producer comments
Legendary ex-mob now 専業主夫 and quirky husband wife Dragon also do unique and powerful 美久. So in some sense the“strongest wife”is now one of the most vigorous actress, one of Mr. Kawaguchi plays and anticipation there. Energetic job in the most competent of the housework from me in a sly woman. In the nature of things we cannot identify, the core is not the most straight missus. Likeness to each other sometimes, the exact opposite may in a difference of a couple of comical, and from now on conditions.
Then, how 2 people who are Dating……. Marriage in the US from the drama of the original 2 man it for the first time I pay attention I want A little and changing it,”this family was good”and in your family, see you feel I should. Dragon and 美久 of love the form of dust,grinning while so I hope you enjoyed it..