Large-scale data leaks, increase the cost of the average 412 billion yen

Especially large data breach and The Associated cost is the average of the 1 year is increased. The security problems of the affected firms, on average 3 million 9200 million dollars (about 412 billion) of spending, which is expected to do.

Now data leakage is an everyday occurrence, and the companies targeted by cyber attacks, a new cyber insurance industry appeared, the data protection failing companies against regulatory lawsuits and class action lawsuits, one after another happened, and the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Security, such as sweet data administrator with a hefty fine for the new law was enacted.

However, data leakage is another cause, continue to the underground forum for the purpose of selling consumer data theft and IDENTITY theft the risk of leading to increased cases.

Data leakage post-processing for enterprise,system recovery and upgrade funds to spending new cyber security services and cyber forensic invest you may need to do. Also, lawsuits and regulatory fines and face may be. Customer PII(personally identifiable information)is at stake, if it cost every year to continue to increase.

IBM has 7 month 29 days, the average information leakage cost 386 million dollars (about 4 billion, 600 million dollars) and the annual report”Cost of a Data Breach Report”(information disclosure on the cost Report)announced. In 2019, compared to the average is 1. 5% decline, 5000 million over data leak was”massive”leak, the recovery cost is an average of 3 million 9200 million dollars (about 412 billion) in 2019, and of the 3 billion 8800 million dollars (about 408 billion) from increasing. 4000 million~5000 million of data leakage if the average cost is 3 billion 6400 million dollars (about 382 billion).

Customer PII1 per the average cost of 175 dollars (about 1 million 8400 yen)only. Also, the incident 80% of customer PII spills have.

In the survey, 2019 Year 8 months~2020 Years 4 months data leakage experienced companies working in the 3200 people or more security expert heard from.

Employees and insiders account of the Take,which will provide Twitter happened in the hacking, the now data leakage is the most costly factor of 1, and such data leakage costs of up to 477 million USD (approximately 5 billion 100 million yen).

Account credentials theft, and cloud the setting of incomplete data due to leakage, either 19% of the total accounted for.

Zero-day vulnerabilities and enterprise software of unfixed security vulnerabilities, such as third-party vulnerability exploits,data leakage cost factor. This vulnerability is caused by the data leak affected businesses is, on average, about 450 million dollars (about 4 billion 7300 million yen)expenditure is expected.

With the assistance of the state for the attack of other causes, compared to the less companies have reported data breaches accounted for 13% of that to. However, the state with the help of a hacker incident involved in the case, caused the damage of recovery the higher the cost the more,an average of 443 million USD (approximately 4 million 6500 million yen)have become.

Companies have cyber insurance but if the amount of damage an average of 20 million dollars (approximately 2100 million yen)suppressed. Insurance payments most of the legal services and the consultant’s fee devoted to them.

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence was Vice President to Wendi Whitmore, Mr. follows said. “Companies have a digital footprint at an accelerated pace, expanding in the security industry lack of qualified personnel is not resolved in the era with a protected device or system, data is increasing,the security team is screaming. Corporate data leakage to mitigate the impacts of information and automation technology investment for companies is clearly an advantage that this is a beginning”