Microsoft, SHA-1 is signed”Windows”associated files for download to a halt

Microsoft is the United States time 7 month 28 days,the SHA-1 for digital signature for Windows related files download of”Microsoft Download Center”to remove from the announced plans. These files are 8 month 3 days will be removed as well.
The company said this about the decision,the SHA-1 algorithm security problems for the reason cited.

The company’s announcement is”SHA-1 the security community that the majority of is no longer secure and is not convinced that the legacy cryptographic hash means. Digital signatures in the SHA-1 hash algorithm is used, if the attacker is content spoofing or phishing attack,man-in-the-middle(Man In The Middle)attack is possible,”he wrote.

One team of researchers in 2016 2 months, the SHA-1 hash function to break the theoretical knowledge presented. To that end, most of the software companies and, more recently, the SHA-1 algorithm the use of stop and starting.

The SHA-1 algorithm is actually broken of the 2017 was. Google’s encryption researchers is”SHAttered”exposes was. SHAttered, by using the SHA-1 hash value is equal to 2 files didn’t always go to.

By this SHA-1 collision to produce this is proven, but the cost is too high and was regarded. Google experts, the cost is reduced, the real threat until at least 5 years from that thought.

Later, other researchers, by the SHA-1 collision attack 11 million dollars to below method in 2019, 5 months, and 5 thousand dollars less than that hand made approach 2020 and 1 month published.

2016 or later, the software maker is SHA-1 to stop using,mainly SHA-2 to change all that. Google 2017 Year 1 end of release for”Google Chrome 56″or later, and Mozilla Firefox”51″or later, Microsoft”the Microsoft Edge”and”Microsoft Internet Explorer(IE)”of mid-2017 or later from the release of SHA-1 support for repealing that.

Apple also continued after the iOS”13″and”macOS Catalina”from SHA-1 support for repealing that. Or OpenSSH login process to the SHA-1 the use of”deprecated”(deprecate)to the plan in 2020 5 month announced.

Microsoft in 2019 and 8 months since the Windows updates of signature and authentication in SHA-1 using gone. Microsoft is currently the company’s products of all SHA-1 to SHA-2 to replace the process of the development.

Microsoft 8 November 3 to the company’s Download Center to remove Windows related files, a SHA-2 signed with the new download replaces files whether stated for, A lot of people in the company of some old tools again and will be able to download whether concerned.