Over 60 of those infected increase expert”medical tight for too long”

Over 60 of those infected increase expert”medical tight for too long”7 months 30 days 19 hours 51 minutes

The new coronavirus infection of confirmed people,30 days, Tokyo, at 367 people, 29 the Osaka government in 221 people,every day,all over the most often the number of infections reported one after another. Recently, the severe risk of high 60s or more of infected persons steadily increasing, and experts in the medical establishment to rush the time to come and Methuselah strongly implies that Enoch had received a revelation from God.

Emergency Declaration has been lifted and later,each confirmed that infected people in the 30s below, such as the younger generation of the infection is more, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government such as this, where the severe risk of high 60s or more to the person infected is also growing.

Infected persons accounted for over 60s, the proportion of Tokyo in this month, until mid-October, most days less than 10% in 15 days 10. 9%, 21 days 12. 2%, 26th in 14. 6%, such as more than 10% of the days are on the rise.

Also, Osaka is infected, the number of 61 people and a Declaration of release for the first time after 50 people over 15 days to 13. 1%, 22 days to 10. 7%, 29 November the 17th. 6%, such as more than 10% of days or.

On the other hand, severe patients,in Tokyo, 10 days, 5 people had 29 days 22 people,Osaka Prefecture, in 17 Days 4 who was 29 October to 16 people,either in the short term more than 4 times the number is increasing.

Infectious diseases in detail Tohoku Medical College of Pharmacy of 賀来 満夫 Professor,”the aging of the infected person every day,a certain number out if the medical bed is absolutely so. Not only Tokyo, in Osaka and other cities in the aging of the infected persons, and severe patients is also increasing, the medical tight can be good and also the dangerous signs”can be seen and noted.

It 賀来 Professor, is”you’ll find in Tokyo, 367 person of the infection is confirmed, such as the number of those infected in ratings but the future is severe the person is being, the bed is enough from the health care system of the status quo look at the assessment no…….. The 1st wave response, through the local medical practice is overstretched and the medical system again prepared to take some time. The country and government intervention, the medical establishment rush to time coming”, said the response to rush for.