Overseas mobile topics No. 207 times the “new・smartphone price breakdown king”aim for TCL, Xiao Min a cheaper camera phones and 5G smartphone ready

Over the past few years, the smartphone’s price is 10 million yen to the ultra high spec Model,3-4 million yen can buy low price machine dividing into new trend is strongly visible. Of its movement in high spec, low cost models one after another and sent out to the market to Xiao family of products is worldwide popular. But Xiao Min outweigh the momentum in the low performance of”the path home”one after another to manufacturers. It is China’s leading home appliance manufacturers,TCL is.

TCL 7 November 28 in Japan, 2 million 6,800 yen (tax included) smartphone”TCL 10 lite”(global”TCL 10L”)announced. The camera is 4,800 million pixels, including Quad finish, fingerprint sensor and NFC equipped mobile to also available. The body texture of less than 3 million yen or less of the low-cost model in the hotel is unsurpassed for you.

TCL cheap camera phones”TCL 10 lite”

In Japan, TCL 10 lite rivals that of the 2 million 9,800 yen (tax included) of the”Redmi Note 9S”and the”P40 lite E”(2 million 7,280 yen, and the)like. Specs, compared to Redmi Note 9S and P40 lite E chipset respectively Snapdragon 720G, Kiron 710 and TCL 10 lite Snapdragon 665 slightly better than winning. On the other hand the camera is P40 lite E triple,Redmi Note 9S is 4,800 million + 800 million + 800 million + 200 million pixels, TCL 10 lite is 4,800 million + 800 million + 200 million + 200 million and 1 camera(macro) is inferior much.

4 camera side-by-side for a unique design. The back light of the condition of the complex look out

Light the both the ease of use of the difference is small, so the price of cheap TCL 10 lite enough competitive. Redmi Note 9S for sale strong as in TCL 10 lite after the launch of both the competition is intensifying it is.

The TCL is a comprehensive home appliance manufacturer in the world sell their products. In Japan, the TV you’re selling, the smartphone manufacturer as of the awareness is still not high g at present. For the first time in Japan to sell TCL branded smartphones in 2019 12 months introduced to the”TCL PLEX”was. However, TCL is the brand of global smartphone sales in Japan in the past, some of the products sold.

TCL brand in the skating, the figure was the first model of the”TCL PLEX”

The Japanese finally released the smartphone”IDOL 4″in 2016, 10 months and now about 4 years ago. The smartphone and prices from popular in other countries, but now the Xiao family, such as the leading Chinese manufacturers of rise by significantly dropping. The TCL is the year 2020 on January 1, the new”TCL-10 series”, announced the image change with, once again, to Xiao Min, such as in a fight, the attitude to the world.

1 month in Las Vegas announced the TCL-10 Series 3 model

TCL-10 series is”TCL 10 lite””TCL 10 Pro””TCL 10 5G”in addition to the 7 months published in the”TCL 10 Plus””TCL 10 SE”combined 5 model deployment as well. This TCL 10 Pro in Japan 4 million 9,800 yen (tax included)for 5 months on sale. The camera is 6,400 million yen + 1,600 million+500 million + 200 million pixels and the image quality is high, the display is left and right rounded edge shape and have a and improved. This display is from the left or right with a swipe of the app shortcuts and the ruler at both ends to display and additional features. TCL 10 lite more high-performance model.

Camera and display performance for”TCL 10 Pro”

In this way steadily and smartphone to launch TCL the centerpiece of 5G, corresponding to the”TCL 10 5G”would be. 5G smartphones are high-end models, not only in Japan but also Xiao Mi”Mi 10 Lite 5G”or the”P40 lite 5G, such as”4 million yen of product or. TCL 10 5G overseas at 399 euros (about 5 million), and Xiao Min, such as low prices 5G smartphone compete with that product.

About 5 million of 5G smartphone”TCL 10 5G”

TCL 10 5G 6,400 million + 800 million+500 million + 200 million pixels Quad camera and a 5 million yen of the price is enough reasonable say. Carrier and 5G user to increase I want to sell a model that’s going to be. TCL is already 3 models in Japan, which has introduced only the following models as TCL 10 5G Japan to introduce the possibility of a great idea.

Of course only the price is a low price machine that many called Xiao Mi, Huawei of 2 Chinese manufacturers to win the challenge. However, TCL-10 series is all models on the back of multiple cameras side by side, and see at a glance the only”how to””how this smartphone would?” And attention to design. Also in Japan, is a rich case also the distributor of FOX from the provided. The minor manufacturers of smartphone is looking great, but the FILA and LANVIN en Blue with 2 brand cases sold case and for you to enjoy.

LANVIN en Blue case. Brand case more will be sold

The capability of the smartphone evolution is to some extent a restless look. And 5G support and further lower prices, such as the evolution of smartphones continues. Low-priced models in addition to the 5G smartphone expand if TCL’s presence in the world high system. TCL’s smartphone to one attention as well?