Sumo 7 On Location 12 day 朝乃 mountain 北勝 Fuji play against

Sumo 7 On Location 12 day 朝乃 mountain 北勝 Fuji play against the 7 on 30 November at 4: 03 minutes

Sumo 7 On Location 12 day,1 defeats yokozuna Hakuho and lined 新大関 朝乃 mountain 平幕 Of 北勝 Fuji and the …
7 on location is a rock-solid sumo continued to the road and is on Day 11 of 29 days of the most is now the place the first time took a loss,新大関 Of 朝乃 mountain and the top division of the return light of the snow the Fuji and 1 losses and in.

Day 12 of 30 days,朝乃 mountain frontal 5th of 北勝 Fuji and matchups. Past matches is 5 wins and 2 losses and 朝乃 mountain win at all. 朝乃 mountain feet without stopping to attack,good at four Sumo to bring my win if you want to get better at it.

Losing streak to avoid the road, the sekiwake alongside the sea and the matchups. Past matches 11 wins 3 losses and overwhelmed by the road and stand our From alongside the sea the beginning of the match to stop,but if you take advantage.

On the other hand, alongside the sea is good at the end of the Press through the distance continue to take,tab found on this website.

Ozeki experienced in frontal 17 th against Fuji is the championship experience of the members, 玉鷲 and one in the front.

29th but decided to Ozeki precious scenic, high school seniors in the same thrust push the sumo principles Daiei Xiang and matchups.