Sunny Brown Tokyo Olympics ahead of US professional team to land short

Sunny Brown Tokyo Olympics ahead of US professional team to land short 7 month 30 days 17 when 49 minutes

American University of Florida in training for the Athletics Men’s 100 meters Japanese national record holder,Sunny Brown Abdel・hard game players,the same Florida-based professional onshore team can.
Sunny Brown players in Japan after I graduate from high school over to America,the University sports of the prestigious University of Florida belong to the last 6 month, the men’s 100 meters in 9 seconds 97 of 日本新記録 to mark.

After the end of the season in the 20-year-old turned professional and also the University of Florida based training continued,belongs to the management company, according to the same Florida to have professional athletics team,”brand truck club”belonging to the you.

This club is a triple jump in the Olympic final like all Taylor players, and the Rio de Janeiro Conference of the men’s 200-meter silver medalist in the 100 meters won the bronze medal Andre・glass players, etc. it has turned out.

And to make the leadership of Americans of Ukrainian・rider coach, Sunny Brown players of Pre-University in 2017 in the Netherlands guidance for the study of traditional Japanese arts and crafts.

Sunny Brown players”the Tokyo Olympics is a 1 year postponement by the new environment in training,the Olympic team preparing for”and comment.