“TIF”Online held,”virtual TIF”W chair my inaugural Sashihara Rino comment from the PM

10 a month will be held at the world’s biggest Idol Festival”TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2020″(hereinafter, TIF2020)is a new coronavirus spread of infection from the viewpoint of preventing, during stopping decision. Not,”TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL online 2020″(hereinafter referred to as the TIF online 2020), and 10 November 2 (Fri),3rd (Sat) 4th (sun)in the online format will be held for.

[Photo]double-chair to Sashihara Rino and”virtual TIF”image cut

“TIF”last year was held for the 10th anniversary,3 days,212 pairs 1393 name of the idol is performed, the number of visitors 88,000 people (3 days total)of the largest scale in the end ushered. “TIF online 2020″, the delivery one thing to enjoy and to be held and decided for a variety of projects to think about. It 1, the virtual idol who appeared to be”virtual TIF”project was held.” Idol”genre of CMS,various idle gather the world’s largest online line is proposed.

Also, from 2017 TIF he has also chaired a number of conferences and Sashihara Rino, the”TIF online 2020″,”virtual TIF”to double-check the system Director. This is similar to the chair, and 指原 virtual world,virtual chair and make an appearance.

指原,”this year, the TIF chair moved. This time, for the first time with no audience,Your Online held. Every year, it is not I hope to meet you soon, but really I was lonely, of course, but this is a virtual TIF current and former members of the military are honored, and each year the TIF towards one of the sense memories as possible. Online it to unity this year, together with the felt in it. This year also a lot of idol I hope to meet you soon have fun”with that comment.

Incidentally, each was held in”TIF2020 the national selection LIVE”and appearances right to earned idle to hold the next TIF appearance of the rights awarded. Final thoughts on winning Idol is”TIF online 2020″also appeared.

Date: 10 November 2 (Fri),3rd (Sat) 4th (Sun)
URL :http://www.idolfes.com/2020/