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The new coronavirus spread by anywhere from work to a new environment is born and you can receive cyber security and protection of customer information and trust is more important larger. This complete online event was held as a”Salesforce TrailheaDX 2020″to match the author is Salesforce the best of support officer (Chief Trust Officer) Jim Alkove Mr. had the opportunity to speak with you. Salesforce customers in this new phase that is faced to data security problems about which he heard. The following transcript is for the sake of readability, edited for disclaimer.

Jim Alkove Mr.
Provided by: Salesforce

Bill Detwiler reporter (hereinafter Detwiler):so let’s get started. Salesforce’s customer from the most talked about. The “new normal”whatever that is, telecommuting is commonplace. The company’s devices at home,work is the employee’s home network is going, what the challenges are, as. From the customer, listening to concerns and please let us know about any.

Jim Alkove, Mr. (hereinafter referred to Alkove Mr):in 2020, 3 in January, people working on the history of the most major changes happened. Almost overnight, everyone remote work moved. Salesforce best support officer at my work our internal team, working with our own in this new environment, while adapting to the customer and,from it,our global security team, 24-hour data protection on this. Customers now really want to hear about Salesforce is how this environment trying to adapt, they can adapt to the environment while trying,as best practices in helping them so that you can by. And, Salesforce is raising a(customer success)as the core, in accordance with our customer’s business transformation and how to support it.

First is cyber security basics to protect important

Detwiler:a few best practices mentioned in………. why. Cyber security, it everyone should follow various best practices that are already known, in this situation, its importance is significantly growing and I have no idea. Now that everyone,”from the previous one and this all was”and how the other.