47-year-old,take-home pay 20 million yen temporary staff…Old Age is the ride to?

◆Savings not only life without,and less pension and fulfilling old age how long and how much does it cost?
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This consultation is for retirement funds to worry about,temporary employees to work as 47-year-old woman. And savings may,in the future just to work from one,if my parents want to return to, but it is also indeterminate and. Of financial planners 深野 Yasuhiko is not advice.

Old original Ms. (a pseudonym)
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Living alone

◇Contents of consultation
Less money in retirement how to survive to tell. After graduating from University,5 years sole proprietor of our temporary staff….. all Temporary staff your timing is enrolled in the Employees ‘ Pension Scheme, but the 20-year-old from a sole proprietorship to have a total of 7 years, the pension is unpaid is. Also, the contract for 65 years in a job may have some anxiety.

The future returned home and sister is the inheritance that will be for sure not. Well if you go to 65 by the age of 2000 million yen, is stored for can. It’s significantly more than that number is expected to increase there is no. Less pension and savings in retirement to ride out tell me how.

Personal loan pay off only the family and servants of the sister will live with you if the pension is at least Living enough and believe and, if for some reason we have a house, if you let go, or is living in you old age plan to simulate it.

Earning capacity is scarce, and retirement funds to save the only life to like,to some extent fulfilling middle age while feeding, less money in retirement to ride out Tell Me How do we who care about the site.

◇Household income and expenditure data
Old version of the household income and expenditure data in the chart, and so on.

◇Household income Additional Data Supplement
(1) about income
Net 18~23 million yen. The hourly rate for the month by the fluctuations. The current work ahead of temporary staff as long as enrolled.

Consultation comments”hourly up expected no. Also, the age of employees increasingly difficult. 30s from the first half of the parallel job hunting almost 10 years, the adoption did not lead”

(2) we abode about
Loss of employment or the mother died at home, back to thinking. Consult who in the future live in the hope that sister’s intention by. My mother is 70, instead of pensioners. The current workplace is the home, from the street to the range, the workplace for the policy of a constant cycle in order to transfer in the future, the commute can be unclear.

(3) communication expenses and entertainment expenses the breakdown of
Communication: mobile phone instead of the 2000 yen + the Internet of the provider fee 3000 yen
Entertainment expenses: the lesson of 1 million yen

(4) insurance about
The individual/medical mutual aid(the disease killed 400 million yen,hospitalization 1 million 3500 yen, and other in surgery, hospital visits, disability, death,advanced medical treatment rider)=premium 4000 yen

(5) the pension expected amount of the
I can do scheduled flights (as of June 30 fiscal year) of the stated amount per year 68 million tons 6800 yen.

◇FP 深野 Yasuhiko of 3 advice
Advice 1:60 years since the income of the old age of life that determines
Advice 2: rent lowering the effective retirement measures
Advice 3:the best to ask as soon as possible and discuss

◆Advice 1:60 years since the income of the old age of life that determines
Old age about the consultation, and retirement funds accumulate as for”earning capacity poor who, even in old age to earn money that is dedicated to Without,to some extent fulfilling the middle-aged ERA while feeding”and there is hope.

In it to a certain extent”fulfilling”that part of the amount, how much to assume that. It’s about the description was not realistic as, entertainment expenses month 1 million yen from 2 million yen to increase,estimated now.

The current savings on 5 million yen from 1 million yen to 4 million yen. It’s a 60-year-old to continue it for 13 years in a 624 million yen. Therefore 60 years old at the time,in the meantime, large expenditures, if there is no handheld funds=retirement funds 2324 million yen (interest, etc., without consideration)and more.

The problem is, from which public pension payments begin until age 65 5 years. If, during that time, more income, and the cost of living is now and it,5 years is 900 million yen. Retirement funds will stretch to nearly half reduced.

The consultation statement on”65-year-old will now work whether the anxiety”and there,and over the last 5 years you can in retirement funds and reduce or not. Conversely, the extent to which it is reduced, it is possible to suppress, but the old age of the big points of the one I have. Ideal,cost of living minute of income=take-home pay 15 million to get that. The aim for me.

Public pensions receive the amount,this will continue to work,years 90 million ~ 100 million yen of it. The cost of living per year 180 million yen from the missing amount of 85 million yen. 65-year-old from 25 years(90 years) 2125 million yen. 65 years old 5 years,old age funds down if it doesn’t, the 90-year-old is missing this or that.

However, of course, longevity risk should also be considered. On the way, and was spending occurs not. Therefore, income is down, it may be of 70 years, the work in goal. On 5 million yen of income in 5 years at 300 million yen. It is retirement funds as charged.

◆Advice 2: rent lowering the effective retirement measures
Still, if you can only work longer and old age to prepare on the big points and the anticipated income from is, of course uncertain, and the future of risk in there……

It just should deal with. Brief as a way of life, and lowering costs is in effect. However, household insurance, including almost no waste. This have reduced to the point where you think, I don’t need it.

So, the housing cost=rent down there. From next year on 1 million yen lower, if you can be 90 years old in fact 500 million yen housing can lower the cost.

◆Advice 3:the best to ask as soon as possible and discuss
However, the old series I also hope, as the returned home that options as a method it would be best.

The current rent, living expenses accounted for more than 50%. I returned home, the simple calculation in years and 96 million yen,10 years to 960 million yen in costs of living can save you. As a result, 60 years later,can work, without financial significantly you can’t believe it.

So, the sister and the problem of quickly clearing out. Data is”inheritance is the sister will be”and there,in such arrangements it…. Even now,sister, mom and family live,to take care of. If so, as a sister without the consent of,the family return to do.

So,the inheritance, the old scene are the legal heirs of one person, and assets equal inheritance rights(parents ‘ house instead of the equivalent of cash to inherit, etc.) there. In that sense, the stand is comparable as well.

Indeed, inheritance and it is also including the family, the kinship between the city and the history here does not. Easy to talk to will be there……

But sister this is a hard job so the future of the plan more difficult. As soon as possible, hopefully within the year, even your sister (and your mom, I can’t as an example)that discuss in any way. Your own home want to go back and tell on them for what should happen. It, based on the old age prepare should be.

And, if possible, mom and of living together, including as soon as possible back to the home can be considered just. If the transferee was the case,Temporary Rental Housing to use, and sufficient savings. Also, in the future, but for some reason my parents let go even if it has, resulting in a longer period of time, the family living in the United States.

◆Consultation”old John”from the feedback we
深野 sir, thank you for the advice to. 60 ~ 65 years old spend is a big challenge, also, that the teacher’s advice and my own thoughts and is was less the goal and more.

60s at 15 million yen of income but it is also very,little income, securing of funds decreased to moderate to be able to work hard.

Tell us…… 深野 Yasuhiko Ms.

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Interview & text: Yasuaki 京武

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