Amazon’s 2nd quarter earnings,AWS sales is an increase of 29%

Amazon US time 7 September 30,2020 fiscal year 2nd Quarter(6 months 30 days tightening) announced. The Corona Virus virus infection associated costs 40 exceeds a billion dollars, despite the $ 5.2 billion of net income was recorded. Amazon Web Services(AWS) annual revenue run rate is 432 billion US dollars.


Sales of 40% compared with the corresponding period last year, an increase of 889 million at $ 1 earnings per share 10. 30 dollars was. Analysts Q2 sales of 815 million 6000 million,non-GAAP earnings 1 per share 1. 46 dollars had expected.

AWS of 2nd quarter sales year-over-year 29% increase of 108 billion 1000 million dollars was.

Recently most of the quarter, as well as the 2nd quarter also, AWS is the most income produced. AWS sales of 108 billion 1000 million,operating income of 33 billion 6000 million dollars was. Amazon’s North American retail division sales of 554 million 4000 million, and operating income of 21 million 4000 million USD. Outside of North America business turnover of 226 million 7000 million,operating income of 3 billion 4500 million dollars was.

Microsoft’s commercial cloud or”Microsoft 365″bundle of strong growth reported in AWS, expectations are high. “Google Cloud”is also a strategy such as the one shown,the steady walk of the development.

Chief Executive Officer(CEO)Jeff Bezos said,”this year again,different from the usual quarter, said,”the new coronavirus and the costs associated with 40 billion dollars or more spent,3 months since 17 million, 5000 employees, and 90 billion dollars of capital invested in the project was pointed out.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)Brian Olsavsky said in a conference call,an increase of reason, the company is expected to ship the goods to this customer more profitable product that was mentioned. He also Prime members of the”Prime Day”to 2020 year in the 4th quarter to implement said.

Olsavsky says the cloud business of online rate is only 10 months in 100 billion dollars, increased said. “The new coronavirus infection, the impact of the crisis, the growth rate of the industry may vary depending on the customer’s use is still strong”(he will)

Some of the hospitality industry and the travel industry of AWS customers reduce the cost, and AWS of these customers to reduce the cost on the best practices you can adopt to support and Olsavsky he explained. In other areas, companies digital subscription for, the demand will increase or decrease in in better shape in order to scale to the cloud spending.

Amazon is a favorable prospect was revealed. 3rd quarter sales of 870 billion to 930 billion dollars, 24%-33% increase in prospects and to. Operating income ¥ 20 billion〜50 billion USD and expected. Also the Corona Virus virus infection associated costs as 20 billion dollars expected to be spent on this project. The analyst is the sales to 863 million 4000 million USD and expected.


Other key figures are presented in the following table.

Grocery delivery capacity to 160% or more increase, and grocery pickup location by 3 times the expansion was. 2nd quarter online grocery sales 3 times increase.

In the 2nd Quarter technology and content expense of 103 million 9000 million in the same period last year, of the 90 million 6000 million dollars from the increase.

Brick and mortar sales compared to the same period last year 13%, a decrease of 37 million 7000 million dollars.

Subscription sales in the same period last year, compared with 29 percent of the 60 billion in 2000 million dollars.

In the 2nd quarter of the world, shipping over the same period last year, a 68 percent increase on the 136 billion 5000 million dollars.

2nd quarter number of employees is 87 million 6800 people.