Apple,4~6 month period is expected to surpass both the next iPhone is a few weeks late, and the prospects for publication

Rice Apple 7 on May 30 (local time)announced in the company’s 2020 in the 3rd quarter of fiscal year(in 2020, 4 month, 6〜month)financial results sales and operating income,analysts ‘ forecasts significantly outperformed. All product category sales,in the telework and remote learning needs of the Mac and the iPad were particularly strong. Such growth in demand for stable product supply challenges in the future, but the announcement of the conference and the CFO(Chief Financial Officer)of Luca Maestri Mr. as usual from 9 months late to the iPhone’s new product launch is delayed a few weeks to a prospect revealed.

4〜6 month period, with sales up 11 percent of the 596 billion 8500 million dollars. Net income for the 12% increase of 112 million 5300 million dollars was. Diluted 1 per share profit was 2. 58 dollars. Market expectations of the average net sales of 52.2 billion 5000 million dollars, 1 share profit of 2. 04 was$. The following is the 6 months ended product category sales(increase / decrease compared with the same period last year).

iPhone:sales of 264 million 1800 million USD (2% increase)
Mac:net sales of 70 billion 7900 million (22%increase)
iPad:sales of 65 million to 8200 million USD (31% increase)
Wearable/Home/accessories: sales of 64 billion 5000 million (17%increase)
Services:sales of 13.1 billion 5600 million USD (15%increase)

Apple has 3 months to”MacBook Air”and”iPad Pro”, 4 October”Magic Keyboard” for iPad “Pro”and”iPhone SE”, and 5 on the 13-inch”MacBook Pro”update, such as the Corona Virus virus the effect of spread in the stable to offer new products and continued.

iPhone users that contribute to the expansion of the iPhone”SE”

iPhone sales of 264 million 1800 million year on year 2% increase,compared to other products that the elongation is small, and this reduces the price for”iPhone SE”well, just because. Market expectations of sales of 223 million 7000 million dollars greater than the same period last year more than users of Android One was. Upcoming iPhone about the U.S. Qualcomm is the 29th day of earnings announcement in the”5G flagship mobile launch delayed”for reasons of market lower than expected 7〜9 month term prospects, indicating to some analysts that the next iPhone could delay pointed out. During the press conference Maestri Mr. delay, the reason did not reveal.

Mac and iPad about is the supply can not keep up most of the demand growth. Wearable strong, but there were a lot of Apple retail stores are still closed, and at brick-and-mortar stores. try not to impact Apple Watch sales appeared with. Services and an increase of 15% has remained strong, the market forecast of 131 million 8000 million, slightly below.