Bank ATM in lottery you can purchase you!?

The purchase of lottery tickets, I think of the streets of the lottery sales come to mind when you think of it. However, in fact, the Bank ATM at the lottery you can buy.

City banks are Mizuho Bank deals. Or at a local Bank, for example, the Joyo Bank such as ATM, lottery to sell the Bank there. Mizuho Bank and Joyo Bank, ATM lottery service that it.

◆Bank ATM lottery service
Mizuho Bank is across the country ATM,Joyo Bank has some ATMS in the lottery of handling is there. ATM”Lotto number needs”of the have a sticker that is a mark.

Handled Lottery, Lotto 7, Lotto 6 and mini Lotto, number size 3, number size 4 4 types of. Jumbo lottery is not covered.

The service is available, and Bank savings,financial savings, such as a cash card to have in individuals 20 years of age and older people.

Bank ATM buy a lottery ticket when this feature is shown below.

・Cash card purchase,the payment is the savings from the debit(with cash or card purchase is not possible)
・The lottery number is”available specification”in print
・Lottery in the Bank protection Luggage
・The no money on the account, the automatic transfer
・Fees from

Bank, ATM, lottery,cash purchase and cash card use, and ATM follow the on-screen instructions to enter buy. That is, not just Lottery sales without easy to in ATM you can buy protective service for the purchased lottery ticket is lost, you do not have to worry about.

Also the banks in the background check for the presence of and at the time of purchase using the cash card to the account of the not gold you have to transfer it yourself after not check the number or contact the not take money to go to the hassle of merit.

◆Local Bank of the ATM lottery service
At a local Bank ATM in the lottery of selling, the other, the Hokkaido Bank, Michinoku Bank, Akita Bank,seventy seven Bank, Ashikaga Bank,Gunma Bank,Yokohama Bank, Hokuriku Bank,the Fukui Bank, Ltd. the Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd., Suruga Bank,Bank of Kyoto Hiroshima Bank, Fukuoka Bank, the Eighteenth Bank,Higo Bank, Ryukyu Bank, etc.

Products,cash card purchase and not the money of account of the transfer mechanism of the same.

Statement=Sakamoto, Ayako (Money Guide)