China to discuss long-term plan to 2035 New spark between U.S. and China

China to discuss long-term plan to 2035 New spark between U.S. and China or July 31 at 12:10 AM

A meeting of the Communist Party to examine China’s important policies will be held in October, and a long-term plan to 2035 will be discussed. In 2018, there is a fierce conflict with the United States over China’s long-term industrial policy, and this long-term plan could spark a new conflict with the United States.
According to the state-run China Central Television, the Communist Party of China decided to hold a meeting of President Xi Jinping and other leaders of the Central Political Bureau on October 30 to discuss important policies in the future, as well as the General Assembly of the Central Committee in October.

At this general meeting, in addition to the “five-year plan” which summarizes the basic policy and priority projects of economic policy from next year to 2025, it was proposed to consider the long-term goals from 2035.

China launched “China Manufacturing 2025,” an industrial policy aimed at the world’s top level in the high-tech sector, and in 2018 its confrontation with the United States over the hegemony of the high-tech sector. In addition, at the National People’s Congress, we have also made a policy to focus on investments in the new communication standard “5G”.

President Xi Jinping said at a round-table discussion held prior to the 30th meeting that “no country can interfere with the great revival of the Chinese people,” and he won the United States, and the long-term plan to be discussed in the future could spark a new confrontation with the United States, depending on its content.