“Dating・a・Barrett”,cast set photos! SP message voice also

2020 Years 8 months 14 days prequel”dead・or・Barrett”,11 November 13 the sequel”Nightmare・on・Queen”is the National Theatre event will be screened,”Android”of the spin-off work”Dating・a・Barrett”by the cast, a group photo was published.

In addition, 7 month 31 days from the starring cast of The Voice official website.

Also, the light novel’s content and the site”Milano”in the event the screening to commemorate the 7 month 31 days from 4 consecutive weeks in the”Dating”series of free public is carried out.

The anime”from the ballet”the prequel”dead・or・Barrett”a 2020 8 May 14(Fri), part”Nightmare・on・Queen”is 11 月 13 日(Friday)nationwide theater event screenings scheduled. Each detail is the anime official site.

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