Experience type restaurant”GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO”today’s open, app and theme dishes behave

“Gundam”series to the subject the Center Point Cafe・GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO BRAND CORE today 7 May 31 to JR Akihabara Station before opening. This article is,yesterday 7 October 30 held a sneak preview of this is a report about the situation.
GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO BRAND CORE, the Gundam official café・GUNDAM Cafe Akihabara store, but the scale about 4 times to expand, new facilities could also. “Restaurant area””Zeon’s Diner TOKYO””shop””fortuneLatte Cafe”with 4 areas of configuration, and also in the”restaurant area””Zeon’s Diner TOKYO”, the restaurant offers not only an experience-oriented program is provided.
Space Battleship in the cafeteria of the image of the”restaurant area”, the battleship of the window-like walls have a total length of approximately 18m of a large multi-monitor set up. Space flight to the Unicorn Gundam, as mobile suits and a giant space colony the monitor so as to cross projected on a ship in outer space from looking feels like. Also play ship meals to the menu”process dedicated pilot lunch”as ordered, the world of work even more immersive you can, which is now solely for text messages.
Also the”restaurant area”, the original dinner show program”G DIMENSIONS EX DINNER SHOW”was held. The Zeon military uniform, such as in the play, dressed in costumes of the clerk of the navigation of the customers, involved the video and link the original story to be developed. And show of program is 8 months 8 days to the start of”Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN”in addition to”Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”program implementation decisions.
Open house will showcase”THE ORIGIN”is the theme of”app garden is a gift”dawn of the rally to””, the from the soldiers to boost the morale of the dinner party, the Secretary of the trust or a person, app to invite rally to open the game. App of 池田秀一,guide my of Tetsuya Kakihara by Down-record voice in the progression of this show is a meal, shower, and gas is conceived as a set of provided. 2 people menu introduction to the scene, THE”ORIGIN”of the play, from the glass is broken and this app helped by the army of the military era of the train recalls from the roast beef to the menu as the reason for choosing it was the first single to be released from the diet, such as to service, I dropped it.
Also during the meal, the”ORIGIN”of the scene to the 2 person narration with plenty of screenings. Further course meal, a tightening of the dessert glass is prepared and cooked to the struggle to as,“dawn of the uprising”from glass to fire-only app and visitors of the laughter invites had. And monitor to 2 people and shooting time and the”logic・Dione!” Shout to the combined cheers such as participatory corner many provided.
Zaku of the huge figures at the entrance and wait for”Zeon’s Diner TOKYO”Zeon Principality army of the world into the feeling to experience a type diner. This time of opening to fit 安彦良和 is drawn down to the gallery of portraits for the interior design of the House members of the portraits of a large number of decorated. Inside the center of a huge table space to the representation of images are projected, and order the food menu and drinks to put in the object and the user, such as Zeon military mobile suits picture of a random table on the sortie. At regular time intervals that appear on the Federation Forces mobile suits and battles that are in front of you to enjoy.
Also the restaurant has a bar counter installed,colorful”dedicated hard ball”, such as alcohol menu is also available. From the counter in a corner of my”Sonny please”, I heard that blonde in the sunglasses hung, white suits,”the man”is. The restaurant’s drinks menu”that day 1 tablespoon of”to order if you play the name of the scene to reproduce the photos can also be.
“Shop”in the process, including the killer,a moment,a Crescent moon,the from the past of the protagonist and,online,business drivers and series that have adorned the heroine from 15 people suit or dress, such as party dressed in costumes drawn illustrations of the limited edition sold. Acrylic stand,mug and was a staple of the item in addition to the Japan local manufacturers and for the man, the machine, the body terminal program such as GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO version is a variety of them.
Or stores placed outside the takeaway that serves drinks”fortuneLatte Cafe”, the character and name of printed content, such as offers. Print theme 10 species have been prepared, choose a theme,tablet from mini-games and answer the question in the picture is determined. The printed appearance is over-the-counter on the monitor displayed in real time,waiting time or ideas that do not get bored stiff from it.
GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO BRAND CORE is the Corona Virus virus infection as a countermeasure to the”restaurant area””Zeon’s Diner TOKYO”is by appointment only,”shop”is the admission by appointment through for the time being sales will. And in the store, the Gundam Cafe dedicated to a also offers. “Restaurant area”in the process of the pilot suit that mimics the”process design”,”Zeon’s Diner TOKYO”, a system of masks that mimics the”app design”is passed,the applicant is tax 300 yen to bring back it’s possible. Each entrance to the area, about the book, The GUNDAM Cafe’s official site to confirm.