Former CBC TV 石井亮次 Ana: our aim is“broadcasting industry of the green cap” free…

Free announcer of 石井亮次 and Comedy Duo”The Sandwich man”will act as MC for Fuji TV’s special program”San and Ishii and know too The Entertainers of our society!” Is 8 month 1 Day broadcast. Year 3 March 31 date in the CBC TV left, Ishii Anna,the show is free turned after the first time of the other stations acted. The live shows are recorded after the interview, Ishii Anna, Free-turned-after state of mind and the future ambitions of such as heard.
◇”The announcer sly”and the theory
The program is,“to the genre to know too that”new generation of entertainers, the MC of the 3 people on your own new information and new angles of view, such as presentations,latest update you can have a sandwich of“fixed concepts”to cover as well…… And content. Weekday afternoon live broadcast information program”play smart~GOGO! Smile!~” (CBC TV・TBS from Monday to Friday 1 PM 55 minutes), presided over by Ishii Anna, the comedian and variety show in the host for its own name, is the name of the program to have the Crown shows the first time. Ishii Anna sandwich and the recording of the”Together for the honor of the very”impressed,”satisfaction in full”and gives reveal.
And I of the different programs of the MC. Ishii Anna”this time, sitting the show and that discomfort is not. When you think about it(usually of the”goal map”is a)in motion or part of a lot more. Sit and chat in……. Movement at most will see you and regret it. (laughter)”and the usual information about the program and the differences speak.
“The Kansai-born,and we love to laugh at,Yoshimoto love”with Ishii Anna,”I find it interesting that even this is priority No. 1,and this is because there is this”and”laugh”with passion vent. It’s just, this variety show starring the big step was like,”historical laughter to produce the show, and why(in the future)charge you in……”and motivated.
However, the MC served on the”conflict,”which is also called. “My theory is,the announcer was insanely one that you like? Artistes are not, and the laughter of the hurdle is down and so, I say”announcer of funny”, said to be the first need. So, comedian I in front of it without feeling like a thought,(laughter)as I look……. “Information to help you,but I”think”the uke,”I want to think there is conflict in the head ache had been”complex realize revealed.
◇Work chosen one”of the whole thing and going”
Corona ominous in the files turned in,””play smart”if not, maybe today is television work did not,”he says with a wry smile floated to Ishii Anna. In addition, free was a decision about,”last year the resolution was”and confide to. “This year the decision of whether and,maybe you don’t think so. A lot of negative situations because they are afraid of. In that sense, last year’s resolution as I think. Good side and bad side is,I don’t even know if that’s possible.”he said.

Not that Ishii Anna is to think of the ideal figure and something. “And,explaining the power,the fun. These three but if you can,”give moderator”become a the thought of you”is Ishii of theory only. “The strike also interviewed on the show, and 3 of book I,which aspects and if”and the power involved.
Free turned,the active width of the spreads it is expected that Ishii Anna. The work is”of the whole thing and going”and the willingness to look. “”Not from the dial”and say, the chances to lose it. And I would also like to be able to from,and to. Any genre of work, but some was fun. TV, radio, even outside anything or not,”and desire is endless. Currently, weekday afternoon Live”has been to play my”power infuses the day-to-day. “Tokyo longing is strong”and”key stations of the band”with ambition our one””play smart”they may or may not be on weekday nights and weekends in a variety of jobs and I think you are.”

Weapons, the provincial Bureau developed game intuition. Birthday is 3 months 27 days, of yesteryear horses off the green cap and the same laugh,your figure of it. “Provincial Bureau of air,”to pasture or the feeling of being”in the sky. Their time looking and waiting,you can. The cap is the region from the center I went to isn’t it? In my win. A feeling like that from them……….. Provincial small around the Racecourse,muddy win intuition in the feed was in the middle of the flower if you do not have,and. The Caps 3 on 27 November the same birthday so(laughter). So”broadcast of the World Series to cap your”I will”and a strong goal had been said.
“San and Ishii and know too The Entertainers of our society!” Is Fuji TV (Kanto Local) 8 month 1 Days afternoon 1 half~the 3 o’clock 25 minutes in the broadcast.