Former Interior Minister Strips Immunity for Refusal to Enter Italy’s Immigration, Prosecutors To Prosecute

Italy’s former interior minister stripped of immunity for refusing to enter the port of immigration, prosecutors to prosecute july 31 at 6:50 a.m.

The Italian parliament stripped former Interior Minister Salvini of the immunity to criminal prosecution at the request of prosecutors last year over the refusal of Italy’s former interior minister, Salvini, who advocates strict immigration controls, to enter a ship carrying migrants aiming for Europe. Prosecutors will soon prosecute immigrants on suspicion of illegally depriving them of freedom of action by keeping them in the sea for a long time.
The Italian parliament decided today to strip Mr Salvini, the party’s leader of the main opposition party, for the immunity of criminal prosecution as a member of parliament, at the request of prosecutors.

In August last year, when an NGO ship rescued migrants aiming for Europe in the Mediterranean Sea, the ship did not allow it to enter Italy for nearly three weeks, leaving the ship in the sea.

Italian prosecutors are investigating the matter on suspicion of illegally depriving them of their freedom of action, and will soon prosecute former Interior Minister Salvini after being stripped of their immunity.

Former Interior Minister Salvini said he was “proud to have defended Italy” about his response at the time, and said there was no problem.

Many immigrants from North Africa have been crossing the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, and there was some support for former Interior Minister Salvini, who has shown a tough stance on immigration at home, so future criminal procedures are drawing attention.