Giraffe children’s leg brace to wear walking training of Hiroshima zoo

Giraffe children’s leg brace to wear walking train to Hiroshima zoo 7 month 31 days 0 hours 18 minutes

Hiroshima Zoo in the hind legs there is a fault on their own could not stand the love of the children is to the legs, a brace to wear walking training done.
Gait training has been done, in Hiroshima city Asa Zoological Park in the 4 months 9 days born in the United of the child”is only”is.

Quickly is born from the both hind legs of the bending and stretching is disabled, in a state of their own, could not stand.

At the zoo behind the leg cast is fixed,with the growth in the state by waiting for a sufficient improvement cannot be expected for any po Of 山田哲生 of cooperation, to the foot brace to wear to walk the training decided to try.

Orthotics are the only anesthesia for foot type take again and again make a change at the end of the finished can.

Brace was right, the physical condition of the Playground out on the walking and training and has now other and walk together and you can see that.

Bred in charge of 堂面 A. is”walking to see, and it makes me really happy. Anyway cheer up, the future is firmly standing on their feet, able to love children”and talk.