Google, 8 on 3 December to announce a new product to the notice Pixel 4a appeared from

Rice Google 8 Months 3 days smartphone released revealed that. Pixel 4a is called the spring〜summer launch is rumored for Pixel 4 generation of the popular price points for the smartphone appeared to be seen as.

Made by Google 30 days to post to the North of the message,the upper left is the midpoint of the punch hole?

New product announcement of the company Google Store provided on the teaser page is foretold.

30 days of Google’s hardware devices business, which is Made by Google to Twitter,”● Introducing”starting from Sentence, most of it unreadable to the North of the post messages. The message is the Google Store’s landing page includes a link to the page, to move on and re-fill unreadable text is displayed. However, Google Store pages are blacked out in your part of the click color changes. The black box is”Google”on the number of characters in the same 6 one. The color of the box to the Google Alphabet logo the same color as might be,”The Google Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone”and sentences with”8 month 3 days”and the date appear larger.

Sentences are filled with reading the lock state of the user page

Black Box, Google logo color change might be to

Google Pixel 3 generation,high-end smartphones,”Pixel 3/ 3XL”in addition to the Pixel for provided enough performance and features popular 帯向 of”Pixel 3a/ 3a XL”to the lineup with the addition of. It for Pixel 4 generations in Pixel 4a appeared the rumor that at the end of last year from flying,this year they leak information it is also reported that was. However, the new coronavirus infection of the expanding development conference Google I/O 2020 is abandoned, and the Pixel 4a is not published until the summer ushered in. “Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone”, the people from Spring continue to wait for Pixel 4a is the appearance of reminiscent.

Pixel 4 is,facial recognition infrared cameras and facial recognition dot projector, face recognition throw light on, and Soli radar chip such as features,Motion Sense as the device is drawn into the gesture functions are available. Popular price range for the device is that the parts are omitted, the more likely that Twitter message”● Introducing”and the midpoint starting with a front-facing camera is a punch hole employing a simple system which is pointed.