Government Assess corona infection situation at expert subcommittee today

Government Assessment of Corona Infection situation at expert subcommittee today July 31 at 5:20 a.m.

In response to the fact that more than 1,000 new people have been infected with the new coronavirus nationwide on a daily basis, the government will hold a subcommittee of experts on March 31 to assess the status of the infection. The governors of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Osaka Prefecture will also attend online and exchange views on future measures.
The number of new cases of coronavirus exceeded 1,000 nationwide for the second consecutive day, with 367 people infected with the new coronavirus, the highest number ever in Tokyo, and 190 in Osaka Prefecture.

While the government is not in a situation where it is not in a situation to issue a state of emergency declaration again, the number of elderly people infected and severely ill is on the rise, and the burden on the medical field is increasing, and the situation will be closely watched with a sense of tension.

In the morning of March 31, a subcommittee of experts will be held to analyze and evaluate the status of infections in Japan, and Governor Koike of Tokyo and Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture are also scheduled to attend online.

The government has requested that restaurants and other entertainment-related restaurants comply with the guidelines for infection control in prefectures where the infection is spreading, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has decided to ask restaurants and karaoke shops that serve sake to shorten their business hours from August 3rd of the week.

Osaka Prefecture is also considering requesting closure in a manner that does not involve compensation for restaurants that have not taken measures, and the subcommittee has decided to exchange opinions on future measures.

In addition, “Go To Travel”, a measure to stimulate tourism demand that began last week, is expected to exchange opinions on the treatment of areas where the number of infected people is increasing outside of Tokyo, which has been excluded from the target.