Gundam:the topic of“mystery of Unicorn Gundam” ROBOT soul magic…

Anime”Mobile Suit Gundam UC”that appeared in the amazing magic party system・the party of the figure”ROBOT soul Unicorn Gundam magic system security・binding”(Bandai spirits)is to be launched. The price is 1 million 3200 yen.
7 on 4 ~ 5 days were held during the online event”TAMASHII Features (the soul feature size) 2020″at the unveiling,”the mystery of Unicorn Gundam”and has become a hot topic. Original set by the Unicorn Gundam reshape, the prototype, including the increased frame armament Armor Series 5 species, all equip. The object of the stabilizer was fitted with a magic system services in full-armor・unicorn of the equipment is also installed. Full armor Unicorn Gundam Plan B,amazing magic system security too. Hyper Beam javelin and beam・Gatling combination of the original armed with that.
Bandai spirits figure brand soul”Internet Options”the official online store of the soul”web shops”in the 7 month 31 Days afternoon 4 when from the book to accept. 12 month shipping schedule.