Interest beyond the scope of Discovery–“Shop of shops”b8ta goes open

“b8ta(beta)”, the United States San Francisco experience-based stores. Stores plots of various brands fixed in addition to offering an in-store customer attributes and behavioral data collected by a seller to provide.

It b8ta of 8 November 1,Japan’s first store in Shinjuku Marui main building,Yurakucho electric Bldg., at the same time to open. Along with it, b8ta Japan is a 7 month 28 days, a presentation and open house was held. b8ta, the brand is to sell the store to decide. This makes each store unique to the to keep addition to the product line-up is the location of the image is natural and to be reflected.

b8ta Japan as the country Manager of the Kitagawa 卓司 Mr.,presentation”online is your interest you can find, but, interests beyond the scope of discovery and the experience is often different. b8ta, the various products in 1 floor to all the customers that did not know or was not interested also can meet. It is in this store when I think,”said was.

b8ta business model,brand and customers both bring new value to another. In this article,”b8ta Tokyo-Yurakucho”of viewing how to deliver.

Entering the store,b8ta of uniforms dressed in the pet robot,”LOVOT (lab) is”the weekend as the store Manager greets him. Human work alternative that the sign of the cat by customers to heal and to. Each product next to the tablet is put in the testimonials and videos in details you can know. Of the price button to purchase, and b8ta the staff of the”beta testers”is the corresponding