Is my dining room hit a Corona Virus,sales pause in life deprived…

Fuji TV’s documentary program”the nonfiction”(every Sunday 14:00 ~ ※Kanto Local)in Gunma University・Kiryu is the specialty of the cafeteria shopkeepers to close”and my heart is also filled with ~is my happy cafeteria~”, a 2 days broadcast.

The Chan and Tamura is Ebisu I=Fuji TV offer

Gunma University・Kiryu small dining room”the baby shop”is always a lot of guests there had been. Viking form in the lined dish,chicken stew or a curry of hard-boiled,baked eggplant and vegetable tempura, such as the nostalgic”and”is 15 parts or more and,for 500 yen all-you-can-eat. Local, as well as from outside also a lot of visitors to popular dining room only.

It’s not the cafeteria to 22 years,for 1 person continues to,this year 85 years old, is just that Tamura is one of Ebisu’s. 1 year, barefoot in clogs in from cooking, tidying up all the 1 people like this.

500 yen is a profitable one, the dining room is a monthly 7~8 million yen deficit. It is also”is tasty if a person is happy”and always smiling and peppy you.

Why is my dining room, started with a deficit to continue for some time. That is,in elementary school even through the first read and write, they learn not from the age of 10 continue to work for fierce life, the 57-year-old when you want to change your life,your“benefactor”and there was a meeting.

But,it is Chan’s dining room the Corona Virus effects. The customer is depleted, the dining room to pause the business of that. “Who made you if you download”and mumble is just a life deprived as if you.

And 2 and a half months later, the dining room of the resume decide that now. Actress・Haru Kuroki for the narration follow.

(C)Fuji TV