Major League Angel Otani 2nd pitched towards the tune

Major League Angel Otani 2nd pitched for adjustment 7 on May 31 at 15: 21 minutes

The big leagues,Angel of Shohei Otani players,right elbow surgery from the pitcher and return as a 2 time next month 2 days of pitched toward 30, the bullpen is pitching as adjusted.
Otani, who is,on the 26th of athletic game,and suffered a right elbow from surgery to pitch, as a return, but the 1 out it would take one to the mound off the 5 goals and the losing pitcher was.

Next month 2 days,home of Anaheim performed in the Astro series Game 2 first pitched is scheduled for November 30,Otani, who is bullpen pitching practices.

Bullpen in the slider and fork ball, such as the 4 pitches combine all 34 ball throw adjustment, and bullpen from the ground moved, and a further 17 balls to throw in.

Otani, who is this pitching practice and free batting, do 30 times of swing in the 14 books of the fence beyond the show.

Also, on this day, Angel and played against the Mariners in Iwate Prefecture’s Hanamaki Higashi High School, the senior Kikuchi male star pitcher is also the pre-match practice in the bullpen going into adjustments.

2 people, the bullpen is in the same place and make adjustments, but if you chat there was no occasion.

Kikuchi, pitcher,2 days after the athletic game season 2 the second mound of the localized BIOS setup menu helps you configure your system easier and faster.